MY FIRST ACTOR CASTING!!~~~hehehe~~~^^

Hello ladies and gentlemen!~ what was the most impressing thing happened to me today???...hmmmm….. Let me think bout it first..

First of all, I have TECS today. Huh~! What’s that? Ok… let me be honest… I don’t even know what exactly what was it!~~ahahaha… as far as I’m concern I pass the test with flying colours…. I conclude our oral discussion with something I don’t really think bout…. I said “We have reached an impressive conclusion” That was not all.. the examiner replied.. “If you say so…” ahahahahahah!~~ and I do really hope so…hehe

Ok…let that pass. I want to continue on something really really interesting happened to me today… hehe…

I went to a casting!!! An acting cast!!~h00hh0… that was the first time I’ve ever went to a casting!~ the experiences were really meaningful to me… you know.. everybody has their first time… well… this is my first time going to a casting… you know what, at first I never thought of thinking of becoming an actor.. but you know, God’s will… at first, I want to be a model.. but I don’t have the height and the look…huhu~ luckily I went to this one casting at UTM, Skudai last Januari and I was offered a role to play in theatre… see my previous entry!~~hehehehe…

I don’t have any pictures on our casting today but I try my best to tell it to you my beloved readers…

Actually, there are some of my members went to the casting also… our director, Abg Zamri, Abg Joe our manager, Abg Din “Bayu”, Abg Azmi “Adua” and few chorus actors Anis “Pelayan”, Zakiah “Isyki Kecil”, Siout “chorus dancer”, Hakim “chorus dancer” and me, myself and i!~~~~ also a chorus dancer….h0h0h0h0~

before we were able to be casted, we must fill in a form which requires a 4R photo of the candidate! And unfortunately we don’t bring any..hahahha…then, we have this bright idea to shoot our picture with a yellow wall as our background..luckily Siot have a cool gadget call Mobile phone with 8.1 megapixel camera!!!~~~h0h0h0… lucky us… so, we shoot right there and got it printed right after… we went all over Danga City Mall looking for a printing place since a printing shop nearby closed! DAMN!~~ and to be even worse…. There none of the shop at DCM even have a printing service!! So we “run” over to City Square to look for another shop… and we found one… fuhh!~ we have all covered……. BUT, Anis’ picture was not printed!!!! Let me clear this out… Siot did sent the picture to be printed but she forgot to print it… so we turn back to the shop and get her picture printed…

as soon as we reached AZ Academy, the casting location, we delivered our pictures to Abg Azmi, so that he can hand it over to Abg Joe since he was in the casting room…….

Actually we have another plan…. A WEDDING CEREMONY!!!! We went there and get our stomach full with mouth watering dishes and “Nasi Minyak” – local traditional food to be served on a wedding day….

But we went to the casting right after we went to Zakiah’s aunt’s boyfriend’s sister wedding…waaaa……so many “ ’s” ahahaha….

As soon as we step in, it was my turn!! Thank god I was partnered with Zakiah… we don’t really have this strong chemistry but we know each other well… hehe.. so, we can work together really well during the casting…hehehe…

Firstly, they asked us to introduce ourselves to the camera and then they asked us to sing! Fuhhh!~ luckily I can sing well….chehhhh…. and then, suddenly they asked me to read other script! But, I don’t have time to rehearse that!~ they only gave us 1 minute!!!!!HELPPPP!!!!~~~

So, I simply read the dialogue only a bit spice here and there to give it an extra umpphh… I have to do that! Otherwise they will not notice my talent~~~aahahaha… lucky to Zakiah because she had rehearse the script with my friend like a few times… so…well… she blew them away!!! And so did I ~~~~hehehe

And my friend’s turn… but I have to go down because my father called me on my phone but I didn’t picked up because I was in the casting room… so I went down to call them…awwww…. They said they miss me…. And so do I my beloved Ma and Pa…. sob3~~

Then, we went to Pasar Tani just to buy some time for us before training tonight… bought my favorite inner chicken part- LIVER!! Satay Hati Ayam!~~ OMG!~~~ it was so delicious!!!!~~~

And now, I’m at our training place writing this entry…waiting others to come and start our training for today………………

Adios amigos!

See you next time brother and sister!!

Nota Bulu Betis Yang A Bit Curly:

I have so much fun today because I have my first experience casting for a role in a movie~~~~hehehehe…hope I got the role…wish me luck guys!! *cross fingers*

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