Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Someone’s Facebook « Thought Catalog

Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Someone’s Facebook « Thought Catalog

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5 Types Of Women Men Avoid - iVillage

5 Types Of Women Men Avoid - iVillage

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Would you like to trade places with an insomniac? No? Okay, so it’s not such a great deal. I’ll admit that. But how about I give you a whole night’s experience, for free, and then you decide later. Okay? Here you go; dusk ‘til dawn, free of charge. Enjoy.

Dread the moment when everyone else peels off, one by one, to go to sleep. Pace around. Put some music on, turn the volume up, louder, louder, too loud – you’re waking them. Turn it off. Mess around on the internet: Facebook, Cracked, Stumbleupon. Decide you’re going to be intellectual. Turn the computer off, pick up a book. Read.

The letters start to swim before your eyes, your lids begin to droop. This is it! Quick, turn off the lights, lie in bed. Immediately, you’re awake again. But that’s just momentary, from moving, right? Stick it out. Lie there. Count the seconds, then the minutes. Turn the pillow over. Fluff the duvet. Too hot, too cold. Throw the duvet off the bed. Retrieve it. Turn over. Lie on your front, back, side. Turn round so that your feet are where your head used to be.

Give up. Turn the bedside lamp on, and pick up the book. It’s boring. Pick up another book, one of your favorites. Try to immerse yourself in the story. Fidget. Move to the kitchen, make some decaf tea. Play with the TV remote. Channel flick, but keep the sound low. Hate late-night TV, turn it off. Sit in your chair, clutching the mug. Don’t think, just sit.

Turn the radio on, settle on the sofa. Try to drop off as the disembodied voices lull you into a catatonic state. Realize that you really, really need to pee. But you can’t move now, you’ve just got comfortable, and you can’t open your eyes.

If you don’t move, you’re going to wet the sofa.

Go pee.

Now the soft, jovial voices on the radio are an irritating drone, so you turn it off and throw yourself, exasperated, back onto the sofa, sending it scraping across the floor. Wonder if there’s something wrong with you. Turn the computer back on. Google symptoms. Conclude you have a rare viral disease found only in the tropics, along with every mental condition you can find on Wikipedia. Spend ages conducting online personality tests, at first to see if there is something strange about you, then just to fill the hours. Find a friend in a different time zone. Skype them. Yawn. Get back in bed, keeping the lights on.

What did insomniacs do before the internet? Start to Google this question, then realize how ridiculous it is. Decide to go for a walk. Get dressed, put your shoes on. Check four times to make sure you’ve got your keys, because we all know what happened last time.

Breathe in the night air as the door slams behind you. Have no direction. Take the road you normally do, ending up somewhere you don’t want to be. Turn around. Go home. Let yourself in quietly, slowly. You wouldn’t want to wake anyone. Kick your shoes off, sit on the edge of the bed. Fall back into the duvet, legs dangling off the edge of the bed. Feel unable to move. Cry, silently. From this angle, the rivulets run strangely across your face. Stare at the ceiling until the tears dry. Open the curtains, notice the gentle light creeping in at the corners of the night.

Go to the kitchen, forget why you went in there. Hear birdsong. Decide you might as well stay awake now. Have a shower, get dressed, make breakfast. Think about getting some work done. Dismiss the idea.

This was the fourth waking night. Four nights since the alcohol-induced stupor, a desperate attempt to dupe your brain into shutting down. The novelty of waking up was dampened only by the pounding headache. Was it worth it?

Yes. Lips soundlessly form the answer that shouldn’t echo so resoundingly. Spending endless nights with your thoughts churning self-reflexively through a mind addled by fatigue does not engender self-love. That reprieve from the pretentious, repugnant, inevitable introspection was sweet, in spite of its brevity, in spite of your better judgement.

Wait impatiently for the rest of the world to wake up. People often tell you that you look tired. Of course I do, you think, but you’ve given up on saying that you couldn’t get to sleep. People make sympathetic noises, but they don’t really want to hear it. It’s not a real problem, is it? They assume that eventually, you will just drift off if you get tired enough. Obviously you’re drinking too much coffee, eating too late at night and worrying about things too much. So you have continued to stumble through work, school and life on the verge, not really awake, but unable to sleep. Spend the daylight hours willing your body to finally give in, break, and embrace oblivion.

As the greyness of dawn fades into morning, you promise yourself tonight. Tonight you will sleep.

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5 Ways You Can Impress Me

1. I shouldn’t be able to fuck up around you. After a certain period of time, I shouldn’t be able to do any one thing that causes you to hate me or revoke our friendship forever (unless that thing is like, killing your parents or raping your girlfriend or something). I shouldn’t be able to say or do something that changes your opinion of me from “my friend” to “a piece of shit” in a matter of seconds. You can impress me if you show me that that isn’t going to happen; that you accept me pretty much completely, that you can totally identify with my problems, that you’re willing to give me the benefit of the doubt, that you like me and that it’s like we’re on a team.

2. You say things that surprise me or intrigue me. You can impress me if it’s obvious to me that you’re interesting in a way that I can’t quite describe; if it’s obvious to me that you understand the world in an exciting way that I’m not fully able to comprehend. Therefore, I shouldn’t really be able to predict a good amount of your behavior, and so spending time together will be fun and interesting for me. I will value our friendship.

3. You’re genuine to such an extent that you rarely brush off or deflect conversations with clich├ęs, but instead respond to what I say thoughtfully, truthfully, and without apparent discomfort (or, if you feel uncomfortable, tell me you feel uncomfortable; I am okay with that). In other words, when I ask you about your dad, for example, I’m probably trying to get a clear picture of who your dad is (because I’m interested in knowing more about you, because I like you, and because I like to know more about people who I like – this is honestly a pleasurable thing for me); I don’t want you to brush me off with “Oh, he’s fine.” As told, if you simply don’t want to talk about him, tell me you don’t – it’s better than passively denying my attempts to get information out of you. Of course, I wouldn’t want you to act this way if you didn’t want to act this way. My point is that you can impress me if it’s your nature or desire to communicate in this way; if you desire this out of yourself as well as me.

4. You won’t be offended when we have disagreements. You will understand that disagreements about opinions or facts are not intrinsically personal things. Disagreements are nothing more than two people interpreting a situation discordantly; this does not have to piss you off. You’re okay with me hating your favorite band, just as you’re okay with me saying a movie you liked a lot is stupid. To impress, me you should see disagreements as neutral or even exciting events in which you may learn something from the discussion consequent to the disagreement.

5. You’re able to see things from a different-yet-still logical perspective than me in such a way that we can often advise each other by offering our unique perspectives. Your perspective in essence needs to be sometimes-wider and sometimes-wiser than mine. You should assess situations with the same tools I assess situations with, but you should sometimes come to different conclusions. In turn I will be able to follow your logic exactly when you offer a new way of looking at my current problem, and so it will be refreshing and relieving for me to understand, identify with, and believe in what you’re telling me.

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Good day fella!!

Ok.. today’s entry is everything about X-MEN: FIRST CLASS experienced and reflection. I believe some of have watched the movie. So, how was it?? Is it fit your expectation?? Or did it rushes your adrenaline?? And I hope it did!


but before that, i just wanted you guys to know that i watched the movie last friday with my high school's friends... we watched the movie at Medan Pelita, Kuching... when we bought the tickets, i was shocked to know that we were the forst one to buy the tickets... and then, my friend told me... "COBA KITAK NANGGA JAM TOK PUKOL BRAPA??!! KELAK PENUH LA WAYANG TOK!! SAMPEY LA JUAK EH!~" : lokk at the time! it's still early la beb! before we know it the cinema will be filled with action movies junkies!! <--sort off kind a like that in english~ehehe... and it is still early! we bought the tickets for hr 1530 show at hr1415!! ehehehehe......

while waiting, we walked around the place for a couple of drinks and few minutes in a bookstore... and i ended up buying a pick for my guitar lesson...

ok... about the movie...

honestly, i really really enjoyed myself watching the movies! the story is loads with actions and i personally love the subtle jokes!! if you wants yo know what i meant, watch it at your nearest cinema! ok... i will tell you a bit! just a tiny bit!~ hehehe.. you know that Mistique has the ability to transform her look into someone else, right? ok... charles xavier wants to show the CIA that mutants exist among them... he said to them that he can read people's thought... all the gentlemen in the room, well did not believe him.. they said it was some kind of a magic tricks as he read one of their minds... they still did not believe him and then, they made jokes out if it... and then, suddenly Mistique stood up and turn herself into one of the gentlemen... and then a very very very long pause while watching her... or him (she transformed into a man)...ahahaha...FYI, i giggled to myself while writing this because i still can't forget the look of their shocked faces!! ahahahahaha..... i love a good version of her!

down here is a peek of the mutants in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.. my favorite?...hmmm... it's tough because they all has ind a very interesting features and ability! oh! Banshee is not in the picture! btw, it's him! ehehe... i like his character! kind a like a fraternity-ish kind a style... and cool hairstyle though!

one of the funny moment too~~~ahahahaha... alex kinda cute in his sweet innocent-ish country boy atitude in him! ehehe...

at the end, all the questions unfold themselves!!~
trust me on this one... the movie is worth your RM10!!!

i don't want to tell you guys the exact ending because i don't want to ruin the moment... here is the trailer!

what are you waiting for??!! go to the nearest cinema and watch!! make your friends envy your excitements after watching the movies!~ahahaha...

ok...daaa!~~~ till next time!

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This Semester Break Is All 'Bout Boredom....

Hye all! How was your day? I hope it’s fine…ehehehe

What? Mine? Don’t bother asking… as for today, I’ll write everything has happened for the first month of my break…

As y’all know, last semester was my last in UTM… but deep in my heart, I really really want to pursue Master study… but, unfortunately I can’t because I have a 5 years working contract bond with KPM…

Let’s just forget about that and continue…

My last entry was 2 months ago and since then i don’t have a chance to update my blog… well, my life’s come first! Hehehe…

A month at home feels like just few days! I have nothing much to do at home except for watching tv all day long… I really do want to do something beneficial like working or something but, you know…MALAS!~ ehehehe… btw, I applied for GSTT last two weeks and hoping that I get the job… so far, nothing… so I just wasting my time tv-ing at home and sometimes walking around Kuching…

And I tell you.. Kuching is not the same anymore… a year I’m in Johor and when I came back last month, I was surprised as I saw few developments here and there on my way back to home… and most of them are residential areas and shopping malls… just to inform you that, at Kuching we have The Spring shopping mall, opened a few years back… and next, The Summer is in progress! it’s just about 20 meters from UNIMAS! Guys! We have 2 seasons so far!! And I hope we have all 4 major seasons!!ehehehe…jangan jeles arr….

Aside from all that… what is my activity at home????? Well..NONE!!~ such a bore life this semester break… unlike previous break, I spend most of my time at my cousin’s but he’s working.. so he’s staying at his aunt’s at Tabuan… so, yup.. I’m bore to death here!!

I wish that I have something adventurous to do for this break..but, hmmm……takdek rezeki~~~ so, dudok umah is the best solution! Actually there’s or was actually, something interesting happened. Watson called me last two week and informed me that I’m one of the finalist for their Watson’s Campus Ambassador, Youth Award for The Most Hip Hairstyle!! I was really really happy to know that and I really really wants to go… the selection was at JB and I let that down because I just get home for about 1 week… so, I asked… “Where’s the next casting location?” I really hope they said in Kuching, but it will be in KL…Berjaya Times Square Hotel this Saturday… “anywhere else??” I asked again.. “Sorry only those two locations”….hmmm….. sadly, I have to let down the opportunity to become one of the Watson’s Campus Ambassador and RM3000 worth scholarship…. There’s such a happy story to tell…..T__T sob3~

So, right now I just wait for this weekend to come fast! JOM HEBOH WILL BE IN KUCHING!!! Ahahaha…. At least I have something fun to do with my friends here and not just sitting at home do nothing! Ehehe….

Ok.. until we meet again next time!


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oit! how was your day mate?

finally, the final examination for this semester is here...

normally i would say that this is the moment that if i could skip it, i will skip it with pleasure!

but, its not that simple huh... unless i dont want to graduate, than skip it as i want! i said, its not that simple..........sob T__T..

its not just that! final project presentation is around the corner!! harghhhhh!!!!

its just too stressful! with the final exam and the presentation and its not just that! my project is not even complete yet!!!~~ please kill me......okay. i take that back...please dont kill me...i want to graduate first!

i think i has been 2 months since my last know, i have been busy with things and stuff...and what the hell, i dont have enough time to put a new entry and even visit my own blog...

for, that might be all i want to share...but do visit my blog for further update!

oh! almost forgot... please pray for my success in this final examination y'all!!

that would be all!

my life sucks!


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MY FIRST ACTOR CASTING!!~~~hehehe~~~^^

Hello ladies and gentlemen!~ what was the most impressing thing happened to me today???...hmmmm….. Let me think bout it first..

First of all, I have TECS today. Huh~! What’s that? Ok… let me be honest… I don’t even know what exactly what was it!~~ahahaha… as far as I’m concern I pass the test with flying colours…. I conclude our oral discussion with something I don’t really think bout…. I said “We have reached an impressive conclusion” That was not all.. the examiner replied.. “If you say so…” ahahahahahah!~~ and I do really hope so…hehe

Ok…let that pass. I want to continue on something really really interesting happened to me today… hehe…

I went to a casting!!! An acting cast!!~h00hh0… that was the first time I’ve ever went to a casting!~ the experiences were really meaningful to me… you know.. everybody has their first time… well… this is my first time going to a casting… you know what, at first I never thought of thinking of becoming an actor.. but you know, God’s will… at first, I want to be a model.. but I don’t have the height and the look…huhu~ luckily I went to this one casting at UTM, Skudai last Januari and I was offered a role to play in theatre… see my previous entry!~~hehehehe…

I don’t have any pictures on our casting today but I try my best to tell it to you my beloved readers…

Actually, there are some of my members went to the casting also… our director, Abg Zamri, Abg Joe our manager, Abg Din “Bayu”, Abg Azmi “Adua” and few chorus actors Anis “Pelayan”, Zakiah “Isyki Kecil”, Siout “chorus dancer”, Hakim “chorus dancer” and me, myself and i!~~~~ also a chorus dancer….h0h0h0h0~

before we were able to be casted, we must fill in a form which requires a 4R photo of the candidate! And unfortunately we don’t bring any..hahahha…then, we have this bright idea to shoot our picture with a yellow wall as our background..luckily Siot have a cool gadget call Mobile phone with 8.1 megapixel camera!!!~~~h0h0h0… lucky us… so, we shoot right there and got it printed right after… we went all over Danga City Mall looking for a printing place since a printing shop nearby closed! DAMN!~~ and to be even worse…. There none of the shop at DCM even have a printing service!! So we “run” over to City Square to look for another shop… and we found one… fuhh!~ we have all covered……. BUT, Anis’ picture was not printed!!!! Let me clear this out… Siot did sent the picture to be printed but she forgot to print it… so we turn back to the shop and get her picture printed…

as soon as we reached AZ Academy, the casting location, we delivered our pictures to Abg Azmi, so that he can hand it over to Abg Joe since he was in the casting room…….

Actually we have another plan…. A WEDDING CEREMONY!!!! We went there and get our stomach full with mouth watering dishes and “Nasi Minyak” – local traditional food to be served on a wedding day….

But we went to the casting right after we went to Zakiah’s aunt’s boyfriend’s sister wedding…waaaa……so many “ ’s” ahahaha….

As soon as we step in, it was my turn!! Thank god I was partnered with Zakiah… we don’t really have this strong chemistry but we know each other well… hehe.. so, we can work together really well during the casting…hehehe…

Firstly, they asked us to introduce ourselves to the camera and then they asked us to sing! Fuhhh!~ luckily I can sing well….chehhhh…. and then, suddenly they asked me to read other script! But, I don’t have time to rehearse that!~ they only gave us 1 minute!!!!!HELPPPP!!!!~~~

So, I simply read the dialogue only a bit spice here and there to give it an extra umpphh… I have to do that! Otherwise they will not notice my talent~~~aahahaha… lucky to Zakiah because she had rehearse the script with my friend like a few times… so…well… she blew them away!!! And so did I ~~~~hehehe

And my friend’s turn… but I have to go down because my father called me on my phone but I didn’t picked up because I was in the casting room… so I went down to call them…awwww…. They said they miss me…. And so do I my beloved Ma and Pa…. sob3~~

Then, we went to Pasar Tani just to buy some time for us before training tonight… bought my favorite inner chicken part- LIVER!! Satay Hati Ayam!~~ OMG!~~~ it was so delicious!!!!~~~

And now, I’m at our training place writing this entry…waiting others to come and start our training for today………………

Adios amigos!

See you next time brother and sister!!

Nota Bulu Betis Yang A Bit Curly:

I have so much fun today because I have my first experience casting for a role in a movie~~~~hehehehe…hope I got the role…wish me luck guys!! *cross fingers*

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How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

Ready to burst out all the latest awesome news to your friends? Get rewarded by doing so!

Bring your friends to sign up today and get rewarded RM 1.00 per friend invited.

The more, the merrier!

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Just want to let others know that, these 2 days I’ve been active in internet auction site. You know human have an interest to compete against others but losing is something that you can’t accept just by saying, it’s ok… it’s not your luck and you may try again later. But the problem is what if there is no next time? There is no second chance? How will you accept losing, huh?

You might have heard about bidding websites in the internet, right? Like and something like that… but, I don’t have any problem with that since I don’t have a chance to try it.

But the problem is this one.

These two days I’ve been bidding on this new latest iPod 8GB.. I really want that IPod and this site offers an exceptionally cheap price… and there’s a catch. You have to buy the credits to bid on items. That’s not the problem… that’s their way of making money.

The real problem is…

Just now, I bought 75 credits for RM135 to bid on that iPod because my credits were draining. So, I bought credits so that I’ll be able to bid again.. UNFORTUNATELY the bids DID NOT credited into my account and I was like, COME ON! PLEASE NOT AT THIS MOMENT!! I REALLY NEED THAT BID TO WIN AN iPod!! GOD!!~~

At first I thought may be because of the server, may be it might take a while since they show this in their site…

So, I wait… then a few minutes past. I’m afraid of losing this bet so I bought another 25 credits after 50 credits that did not credited into my account…AND EVEN RIGHT NOW, WHILE I’M WRITING THIS, MY BID CREDITS ARE STILL NOT UPDATED!! How this can be happening?! You deduct my money from my account like, ISTANTLY and you do not update my credits like ISTANTLY!!~URRRGGGHHHHHH!!~ that web site just ruined my happy mood for this whole day and I have test tomorrow!! Hope this feeling won’t take a long time to cool down. I hate this feeling! It makes me want to scold at every people I meet.

I wait again… and my bids are still not updated so I took my audacity to write a few emails to them.

The subject for my first email is… “Bids are not credited into my account” and I wrote this.

“My bids credit is not credited into my account and I need that bids urgently. I don’t want to lose this bet.”

Just that..and I checked my mail to check on the receipt… may be the transactions are not accepted. UNFORTUNATELY the transactions are accepted and they already deduct my money from my account. So, I took a liberty to write my second email with the same subject.

“My order number is yadayadayada and yadayadayada. My bids are not credited yet and my current bids are only 4 left. I need that credit like urgently. I don’t want to lose this bet.”

After and then, I was shocked… I LOSE THE BET!!!!! ARRGGGHHHHH!!! I have invest hundreds on this iPod and I got nothing! D.A.M.N!!

I wrote another email saying “I want my refund!” I wrote cursing email with everything was in capital letter and a lot of exclamation marks. I have rights regarding on this matter.

I keep refreshing the site like every 5 minutes while writing this entry and my credits are still not updated! I don’t know what is wrong with it, and I hope they will contact me soon. I wrote this in my email as a closure. “YOU KNOW MY NUMBER”. No thank you or everything because I lost my politeness and most of it my patient since I LOST THE BET AND THE REASON IS NOT BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE ANY BIDS LEFT, IT WAS THEIR SUCK SERVICE! How come they can deduct my money instantly and cannot afford to update my bids also instantly???????????

And I swear to myself I’ll get my refund no matter what! It’s RM135!! I can get a lot of things from that amount.

Do you want to know how much I invested to get that iPod? ALMOST RM300 not included that RM135!!!!~ and what did I get? NOTHING! Literally. I lost my money and my account is getting thinner. Fuhhh!~~ they made a lot of money huh…..

Let me ask you one simple question… who do not want an iPod for this price???

All I can say is “Aaal izz well” (all is well)…………………

Nota bulu betis yang a bit curly: there is no more next time for this kind of business for me. If I want something so badly, just sign up in ebay or something. At least I can buy something for that RM250 (exact amount) I lost for that unsure iPod. This is a great lesson for me. I suggest others will do the exact thing. Try not to lose any more money on something that is not sure if it is belong to you… take care!

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Supa Dupa Hang Out...

Hey guys!

Welcome back!~ this entry is all about what I did on my weekends..

Well… almost most of it~ hehe…

As for last weekend, my friend and I went for a photo shoot at Istana Garden… at first, I’ve wondering the reason why most of photo shoot held there… and then, as I entered the place, my jaws dropped… I was mesmerized by the natural beauty of the place.. though it is not as beautiful as the New Zealand, but it is beautiful enough for me to be mesmerized!

I can’t believe that such place exist in the middle of a city! I asked my friend about the history of the place, but none of them know the exact story… so, I bottled up my questions… hehe~ none of my business I said.. ahahaha.. but, as long as I can enjoy myself, it’s enough already…

There have a abandoned mansion, was owned by some of the loyalty family I guess… I made that guess because the place is huge! Even my house + my grandparent’s house + my uncle’s house is not that big!~ and the arc just blew me away………. Such creation…

Enough with all the compliments which I don’t care so much about the history of the place….


These are some of the photo we took together… actually, we took a lot of them but Emirul (Siot) have not finish with all the enhancing yet… but, so far I’m satisfy of his job..hehehe~~here there are!

it's me look so tall!!!~~ahahaha... i like this picture of me so much because it make me feel good about my height!~~heheheeh~

from left: Anisz, Me, Emirul, Zakiah...

from left: emirul, amir (the photograopher), Me, Anisz, and Zakiah

and as a closure of the day... we all went to the J-Co in CS!~~ hehe...

having so much fun eating all the mouth watering doughnuts!!~fuh! betul betul kaw!!

ahahahaha....we took pictures also but unfortunately, i'm outside right now, at Kompleks Belia & Sukan, Larkin... waiting for others to come and start training for our mini monologue show this Monday night!!~

wish us the best of luck!!
chow guys!~~

nota bulu betis yg a bit curly: my first assignment for monologue and i still don't have a crystal clear about the play.........T__T but still, i hope i'll do the right thing to do!~~ *cross fingers*

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Hmm... What are they going to say about the play?

Heyy!! Wat’s up y’all?!~

I personally, would like to thank all of you readers for your tremendous support… You know, my blog is just celebrating its 4 years old birthday this year and fortunately, I have lots of readers from all around the world… Literally. Not that I want to brag about it, but you know… It’s a great accomplishment! I mean personal accomplishment… I know my followers are yet thousands of them but I’m grateful of my current 26 followers! Thank you guys!~ Love you so much!~~x0x0x

You know that one application in blog which allow you to know who have read your blog, right? The "Live Traffic View"... Yup! I bet you do… From my observation, most of my readers are not local. You know what I mean? Some of my readers are even from a country which I’ve never heard of!~ The thing is, the only entry that they read is the one that I wrote in English… As a blogger, I have this ambition, that is one day my readers would be thousands of them around the globe and even millions if God willing!~ *cross fingers*

And I came to this simple conclusion. After a few considerations, I’d like to write my entry in English again… yeayyyyyyyyy!!!~~~hehe^^v… Actually I wrote lots of my entry in English but you know, I’m human! You must get bored sometimes, right?! And surprisingly… so do I…ahahha..that’s not funny isn’t it?.. yeah I know.. huhu~

Let’s continue…

Previously, I wrote about me getting involved in something which can be considered as a new thing to me… A play or you might say it here, theatre! Yup!~ “Dance Poet Theatre”… Is it correct? I don’t know the exact term in English but the concept is similar to those musical theatre… only a bit more errrr poetic…hehehe~ and lots of dance move....ahahaha

Primadona… Perahu Mimpi is the title… the story is about a young lady, Dian being raped by one local. She went to a shelter place for a single mother and unlucky women, owned by a feminist, Dona. The place is also an entertainment house, serve customers with traditional dances and a specially brewed coffee called Kopi Janda. Most of the customers knew this place for that specialty.

Bayu (Dona’s son) and Isyki grew up together like siblings but as they grow up, Isyki does not want Bayu to be with her all the time anymore. Isyki thinks she is a grown up woman and other than that, she is secretly in love with someone. He is Aduka, the son of Tuan Rizal, the important person in the village. But in the same time, Bayu also has feelings towards Isyki, and Bayu was in vein when he knew about it.

One day, the whole mad villagers screamed and yelled to burn down her place. She cried towards the villagers and claimed the reason to burn her place. They claimed that the house has been practicing adultery as their business and that others refer this village as “The Slut’s Village”. She defended her only heritage with all her wits with supports from the members of the house. On the other hand, the backstabber, Goldsmith denied her kindness to protect those in needs by telling lies. He said Dona has provided meth and opium to some of the villagers.

They keep pointing fingers at each other’s face in hope that they could defend their own rights. But, Megat’s wife did not satisfy as they could not bring Dona and the members of the house down. They had been questioning about Bayu’s existance like who is the father and all. In the end, Walid admitted it in front of the villagers and the members of the house. They are all in great shocked as Walid explaining the reason he hides the fact that Bayu is his son. He could not accept Bayu before because of his imperfect condition, a spastic boy with incapability to walk and talk properly.

The heat between these two groups arised as their voice getting louder and louder right befoe Megat's wife tried to snatch Dian's baby. Then, Megat comes forward defending the baby from his wife. Megat’s wife questioned his stupid action because she needs that baby to inherit all their property since she can't bore any child herself. The truth came out as Megat open his mouth. The baby is his. They have just the time to get married before his mother send Dian off the place.

In the very end, Bonda (Isyki’s mother) told them the truth about her being raped by her own honored family, Tuan Rizal. As soon as all the truth came out, Tuan Rizal and his members retreated not to cause any other troubles. "This is all rubbish!", he cried. Sujana tried to comfort Dona with all his knowledge in religious and thus soothed her sobers down. The surrounding is filled with tears of joy as the members of the house praising to God for His kindness to save the place.

That’s the play is all about… I’m writing this entry is specially to review audiences’ comments and feedback regarding this play. These are some of the papers' review about the play… hehe~~

Local paper's review on the play..

Local paper's review on the play...

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Aku Join Teater?Buat Hal Ke Ape Budak Nih??!!~

Ok…kalau diperhatikan tajuk entri kali ni betul2… aku sendiri pun terfikir gak..termenung sendirian jap…chehhh… syok sendiri lebih!~akaka..

9 Januari (Ahad) lepas ada casting untuk teater puisi tari kat DSI..tajuk dia Primadona… Perahu Mimpi… aku pun datang r dengan berbekalkan azam dan tekad di dada…chehhh… baru join teater sikit dah mengada nak susun2 ayat puitis… cis~khak thui!~~ahahaha..

Tapi, tak ramai yang datang casting tu…sedih..T__T..dak2 TnT ade r bbrp org…Dak2 choir pom sama…kalau d tolak tambah berapa orang yang datang aku rasa dalam 15 orang kot…termasukla beberapa orang yang tidak dikenali… hehe^^

So, hari ni hari Jumaat (14 Jan)..means that kitorang dah practice ngan diorang dah masuk 5 hari…practice nun di sana kat Kompleks Belia dan Sukan kat Jotek, Larkin… Semangat aku masa “malam pertama”…hehe~~amende “malam pertama” tu??… sebab aku dah tak theatre virgin anymore!!!!aakakaka….gitchewwwwww*~~-intonasi seperti pomphuan2 sikit…aahahaha^^..sebab..tu la first time aku terlibat ngan teater!!~sebelum ni, tengok teater pom tak pernah..tetiba je jadi pelakon… alkesahnye~~

*Remy yang ajar cara sebut perkataan ni dengan penuh beretika kat aku…akakaka!dia cakap, mulut kena turun naik ikut flow “w” tu….cuba korang lak yang wat…mari sama2 sebut!~~1..2..3…gitchewwwwww….boleh?..akakaka*


Hokeh..masuk bab ceritera teater puisi tari PRIMADONA… PERAHU MIMPI…

kalau yang jenis dok berfacebook je seharian tu opkos r pernah dengar kan?kalau yang dok merenung buku je tuh camne?yang tu aku tak tahu nak komen macam mana…macam bukak sem je terus ade assignment~kan?hehe..

Nak bagi info sket bagi yang tak taw tu…PRIMADONA… PERAHU MIMPI ni adalah sebuah teater Puisi Tari bersempena dengan Program Amal Cahaya Kasih, kerjasama Unit Kebudayaan dan Kesenian, UTM & Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) DUN Nusajaya, Grup Aspirasi Unik dan Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara, Johor dan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Wilayah Selatan… berapa banyak “dan” rrrr….hehehe…aku tak tahu macam mana nak sambung ayat tu kalau tak guna perkataan tu…ahahaha


Aku berlakon??ahaha… macam menipu sangat bunyinye kan?aku sendiri pun tak caye yang aku ni boleh belakon…aku sendiri pun tingtong….boleh belakon ke?hehe..kalau nak judge, datang r tengok sendiri nanti ek~ teater ni start ditayangkan 28 Jan – 30 Jan nanti… alaaaa kat Dewan Sultan Iskandar je pom.. klu dak2 UTM cakap…kat DSI je pom..bkn nya jauh sgt!jalan kaki pun bolehhhhh…ahahaa.. ko sanggup??aku ok~~~~~..alah~takdek matinye pun kalau jalan kaki pegi DSI… penat tu belakang kira r..janji puashh!~huhuu…

Segmen FAQ!~^^





Soalan paling biasa sekali dak2 UTM tanya setiap kali aku promote teater ni…bebuih mulut aku menjawab… skema japan penuh untuk soklan2 di atas eh..

Soalan 1: BILA NI?

Teater ni start ditayangkan 28 Januari 2011 ni sampai la 30 Januari 2011… 3 hari nye event tuuu… hari Jemat sampai r hari Ahad.. yang hari Jemat tu, teater start pukul 845 malam… sama gak ngan hari Sabtu.. yang hari Ahad lak ada 2 sesi pementasan..pkol 3 petang ngan 845 malam…….ok?clear?


Simple je aku jawab soklan ni..sepatah “haah”…tak sampai sesat je, “alaaa…” ngeluh pulak diorang… pasal duit je mesti bukak buku kira2 kan…aku pom explain la dengan hati yang penuh tulus dan ikhlas… “kalau student, boleh dapat harga special RM10” diorang tanya lagik… “ni mesti duduk kat atas2, hujung2 skali nih..pastu kalau nak tengok mesti nak kena “macam ni macam ni” ni – sambil mendemonstrasikan cara orang kt tingkat 15 nak tengok orang kat bawah tanah… “eh tak r.. ni smua dok kat bawah ni…” yakin aku jawab…padahal tak sure lagi…ahahaha…tapi, naseb baek betol..akaka

skema jawapan dia macam sesi berdialog kannnn~~~ -intonasi seperti pomphuan2 sikit…hehehe^^

untuk list penuh harga tiket ade kat dalam flyers tu…RM20, RM 50 & RM100 <-RM100 ni tempat duduk VVVVVVIP nye tempat duduk..kalau korang nak feeling2 jadi VVVVVVIP..p beli tiket nih! takyah nak pikey2 lagi…aakakakaka:P


Ok..buat pengetahuan peminat2 teater di luat sana..teater ni hasil produksi dari Grup Inspirasi Unik arahan Zamri Pangat…Karya Rahimah Muda… dak2 UTM ade gak terlibat..antaranya Mush, Amir, Tulus, and Siot…ecehcehceh..hehe~~ kalau Tulus memang background dia teater..pastu Siot lak pernah pegi uji bakat Pilih Kasih lagi~betapa keciknya aku ngan diorang ni….dah r aku ni yang xdek basic ape2…datang casting pun buat merapu2…ahahaha…tapi, nyanyian aku tak merapu r…nyanyian aku baek punya aku bagi~~~hehehe~Lagu Fly Me to The Moon ngan lagu Pantun dia 2 lagu yang membawa tuah kat aku… lagi se, yang nyanyi koir, teknikal2 stuff tu nanti pom ade gak dak2 UTM yang terlibat………….


pelakUn2 nye!!

Azzy | Anne Ngasri | Bell Ngasri | Ali Abdat | Lea | Din Belon | Pak Ngah | Joe | Azmi | Shah JB | Aily | Zakiah | Nurulein | Baby | Datin Shima | Siti Hajar | Suratman | Suraya | Feeda | Ziela | Iwan | Ayang | Anis | Jasper | Wan Shah | Mush | Amir | Tulus | Siot | Artis Tari KKJ | Artis Triangle Music Center

Ni lak team produksi..

Zamri | Azzy | Wan Shah | Am | Mohd Fuzi | Joe | Ramlan | Zainuddin | Aboy | Masbun | Elly | Nora | Yakob | Azza


Nota Bulu Betis: Selamat Menuntun semua!! P bawak kazen mengazen, sanak sedara, jiran sebelah rumah, orang2 kampung skali datang tengok… Sama2 lah kita menyokong seni teater tanah ayaq kita! Ni nak share sikit… Skali korang tengok teater, kompem lepas tu korang nye persepsi berubah… macam teater ni lebih membuka minda korang untuk berfikir sket selain boleh tambah vocab bahasa melayu kita yang tak seberapa ini……….

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