Good day fella!!

Ok.. today’s entry is everything about X-MEN: FIRST CLASS experienced and reflection. I believe some of have watched the movie. So, how was it?? Is it fit your expectation?? Or did it rushes your adrenaline?? And I hope it did!


but before that, i just wanted you guys to know that i watched the movie last friday with my high school's friends... we watched the movie at Medan Pelita, Kuching... when we bought the tickets, i was shocked to know that we were the forst one to buy the tickets... and then, my friend told me... "COBA KITAK NANGGA JAM TOK PUKOL BRAPA??!! KELAK PENUH LA WAYANG TOK!! SAMPEY LA JUAK EH!~" : lokk at the time! it's still early la beb! before we know it the cinema will be filled with action movies junkies!! <--sort off kind a like that in english~ehehe... and it is still early! we bought the tickets for hr 1530 show at hr1415!! ehehehehe......

while waiting, we walked around the place for a couple of drinks and few minutes in a bookstore... and i ended up buying a pick for my guitar lesson...

ok... about the movie...

honestly, i really really enjoyed myself watching the movies! the story is loads with actions and i personally love the subtle jokes!! if you wants yo know what i meant, watch it at your nearest cinema! ok... i will tell you a bit! just a tiny bit!~ hehehe.. you know that Mistique has the ability to transform her look into someone else, right? ok... charles xavier wants to show the CIA that mutants exist among them... he said to them that he can read people's thought... all the gentlemen in the room, well did not believe him.. they said it was some kind of a magic tricks as he read one of their minds... they still did not believe him and then, they made jokes out if it... and then, suddenly Mistique stood up and turn herself into one of the gentlemen... and then a very very very long pause while watching her... or him (she transformed into a man)...ahahaha...FYI, i giggled to myself while writing this because i still can't forget the look of their shocked faces!! ahahahahaha..... i love a good version of her!

down here is a peek of the mutants in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.. my favorite?...hmmm... it's tough because they all has ind a very interesting features and ability! oh! Banshee is not in the picture! btw, it's him! ehehe... i like his character! kind a like a fraternity-ish kind a style... and cool hairstyle though!

one of the funny moment too~~~ahahahaha... alex kinda cute in his sweet innocent-ish country boy atitude in him! ehehe...

at the end, all the questions unfold themselves!!~
trust me on this one... the movie is worth your RM10!!!

i don't want to tell you guys the exact ending because i don't want to ruin the moment... here is the trailer!

what are you waiting for??!! go to the nearest cinema and watch!! make your friends envy your excitements after watching the movies!~ahahaha...

ok...daaa!~~~ till next time!

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