This Semester Break Is All 'Bout Boredom....

Hye all! How was your day? I hope it’s fine…ehehehe

What? Mine? Don’t bother asking… as for today, I’ll write everything has happened for the first month of my break…

As y’all know, last semester was my last in UTM… but deep in my heart, I really really want to pursue Master study… but, unfortunately I can’t because I have a 5 years working contract bond with KPM…

Let’s just forget about that and continue…

My last entry was 2 months ago and since then i don’t have a chance to update my blog… well, my life’s come first! Hehehe…

A month at home feels like just few days! I have nothing much to do at home except for watching tv all day long… I really do want to do something beneficial like working or something but, you know…MALAS!~ ehehehe… btw, I applied for GSTT last two weeks and hoping that I get the job… so far, nothing… so I just wasting my time tv-ing at home and sometimes walking around Kuching…

And I tell you.. Kuching is not the same anymore… a year I’m in Johor and when I came back last month, I was surprised as I saw few developments here and there on my way back to home… and most of them are residential areas and shopping malls… just to inform you that, at Kuching we have The Spring shopping mall, opened a few years back… and next, The Summer is in progress! it’s just about 20 meters from UNIMAS! Guys! We have 2 seasons so far!! And I hope we have all 4 major seasons!!ehehehe…jangan jeles arr….

Aside from all that… what is my activity at home????? Well..NONE!!~ such a bore life this semester break… unlike previous break, I spend most of my time at my cousin’s but he’s working.. so he’s staying at his aunt’s at Tabuan… so, yup.. I’m bore to death here!!

I wish that I have something adventurous to do for this break..but, hmmm……takdek rezeki~~~ so, dudok umah is the best solution! Actually there’s or was actually, something interesting happened. Watson called me last two week and informed me that I’m one of the finalist for their Watson’s Campus Ambassador, Youth Award for The Most Hip Hairstyle!! I was really really happy to know that and I really really wants to go… the selection was at JB and I let that down because I just get home for about 1 week… so, I asked… “Where’s the next casting location?” I really hope they said in Kuching, but it will be in KL…Berjaya Times Square Hotel this Saturday… “anywhere else??” I asked again.. “Sorry only those two locations”….hmmm….. sadly, I have to let down the opportunity to become one of the Watson’s Campus Ambassador and RM3000 worth scholarship…. There’s such a happy story to tell…..T__T sob3~

So, right now I just wait for this weekend to come fast! JOM HEBOH WILL BE IN KUCHING!!! Ahahaha…. At least I have something fun to do with my friends here and not just sitting at home do nothing! Ehehe….

Ok.. until we meet again next time!


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