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Ok... I was supposed to be in Kuching this weekend but instead I don't know whatever thoughts I had in my mind that makes me postponed the intention.  and than this happened... Although I might kinda an outsider, but I was warmly welcomed here at Nanga Bunu, Skrang. I considered this as my second hometown and family... Last week I did not spend my time here because I had a lot of works which I needed to complete and this weekend I decided to f*ck it and just spend my weekend here with real people!

The front gate welcoming the visitors with clear blue sky and beautiful scenery. 

Nothing much happened at the first night but wait until the next morning... There was a plan to go "Ngiga Tekuyung"  or should I say snails "hunting". Haha... but the planned was postponed... Sad... and than, came a text asking a permission to spend a day here, from Norhamaiza and Rheitta, my colleagues. On saturday, I went back home for a couple of hours to get my laundry done before I can spend my time there with no worries about my working attire. Let's just move on... I'll just spare the story just to myself.

Done with chores at my place, I directly went to Nanga Bunu bringing along a 7 kg melon! That was a huge melon! Sharing the melon would be an exciting moment... Sharing the old stories and lounging together in the living room was very relieving. I love the pictures of smiling faces. 

The plan was to have a picnic at ai wong (waterfall) but the weather was not on our side today. They say that it has been like two days without raining here. That's why the river was very shallow and it was not even a waterfall! Just a running water over the huge and high rocks...

A smile to recover the disappoint heart...

With a disappointment at heart, we decided to go swimming at Sungai Bunu. In front of the long house this time. A walk back to the long house was quite tiring... huhuhu~

But this scenery cured it all... The greenery of black pepper plants and tall trees!

The happy faces!

The almost sun set view from Room 25's front door...

The experiences I had here were very addictive! There will surely be a next visit!!!


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God Has Planned This All Along...

Last week I have posted something really heart pouring about my mounting works, but today it's about something I didn't expect to happen. Less did I know, Yes, God has a plan for us indeed.

Actually, this story has its own beginning but lets just keep it just that...

Some might have an idea where I spend my weekend by noticing my FB update last Friday but some might think that I spend my weekend alone...

No I did not! I spend my weekend at "Rumah Empading, Nanga Bunu, Skrang"... Some of my dearest readers may have never heard of this place but let me tell you this. This is one of my most exciting, stress free weekend adventure!

Rumah Empading, Nanga Bunu, Skrang claimed the top place here in Sri Aman. They have represent Sri Aman for "Rumah Panjang Bestari" - Smart Long House in the state and guess what? THEY WON! Yesss... That's just amazing... and I can tell by the look of the place... Just mesmerizing~

The Outside and Inside Look + Me!
Can you spot Boi? hehe~

The long house was literally long! They have 37 doors which consist of nearly 50 families. OMG. That is a lot of people in a house... I'd like to tell you the history of this place but, that's not the purpose of this post. I'd like to share my experience spending the weekend with them, The Ibanese.

On the first night there, I witnesses  just a tiny bit of their free time culture. It's called "randau-randau"; simply means talking but figuratively, spending time together with a group of people talking and talking and more talking and sometimes laughing really hard. Yes... It was really fun to watch "half nude" men and women standing and few sitting outside on the badminton court, under the roof of the black night sky with just a few stars. It was a really beautiful scene to see. While us youngsters talking not so far from them, they seem in their own world. Well, so did us. Hahaha~ They really keep the "family" together and you know what? They can keep talking for hours and hours, standing! After a few hours of story sharing and the clock was pointing at almost 10 pm, they went inside grinning, giving sign that they were all satisfied. The youngsters thought it was still early and decided to continue to randau-randau up until midnight. Ehehe~

On the second day, I decided to went back home just a little while to shower and machine my laundry. But by the time I wanted to switch the washing machine on, POP! Blackout! Dang... Why now... Although I received an early warning about the electricity, yet so stubborn am I still wanted to get it done. Since that happened, so I decided to postpone the laundry and continue having fun on my weekend in Bunu. 

The real fun is almost there. We were planning to have a small picnic at "Ai Wong" means waterfall. At first, I did not believe that they have a waterfall just behind their house. When I saw it myself, my eyes could not believe it and  my mouth unconsciously keep wowing and praising the nature they have at the back of their house!

Can you find this at the back of your house?!! and they said, there are two more uphill!

It was only a five minutes walk from their long house. Do you know the perks they have by having this kind of waterfall? So far, they have paid NOTHING for water supply! They intelligently build a pipeline from here to their long house. Brilliant! and the water was freezing cold!!! Very refreshing...

The happy beautiful faces. 

The not so very dangerous activities.

Less that I know, they bring along a shampoo! Fighting over the hard flow cold waterfall was super fun! Minus me...

One more thing, hearing the sound of a kid's laughing voice is so peaceful. Without I even notice, a week stress was like lifted from my shoulders. Just like that... The stress was, not the work! The work is still mounting on my desk. Wait... I don't want to talk about that... 

Black peppers!

Enough about the waterfall. Later that afternoon, we had a badminton match. When it comes to badminton, they really put up a fight. Only if some of them did not drink too much of "Tuak"-a home made rice alcoholic drink, that afternoon. Yet, they still play it well... I was just lucky to win the fights... Three times! Eheheh~ After three winning games, I surrendered and passed the racket over to a friend and I ended up watching a pretty good matches. Whilst, this one drunk shirtless adorable uncle entertained us with his beautiful Iban songs. Dancing all around and singing is one of his talent, while he's drunk at least. Hahaha! It feel wonderful to laugh a loud after a very long week.

That night, I ate my very first "Manok Pansoh"- chicken cook in a bamboo- and "Ikan Pansoh" - fish cook in a bamboo. This cooking method is their traditional way of cooking. Mostly they cook this way in the jungle while they're hunting. The smell of it was very tempting and I could not wait to have a taste of it! OMG! The taste was smooth and the sweetness of the fish and chicken is much preserved. The taste is kinda like steam chicken mixed with chicken soup, but far more delicious! I was like stuffing my mouth and did not stop, not until my tummy is full... Ehehe~ That pansoh was really really good... If you have the chance, try it! You won't regret it... In fact, you'll ended up like me bragging about it's great taste here in the internet!

A visit to some other houses really bond things up. My plan to randau-randau wasn't going well because my eyes were begging me to quit it and go to sleep. I can only survive less than a half an hour... Sorry guys... Blame me not! Its my eyes...

Woke up with a sore throat and a tiny bit of runny nose. It was a really cold place and yet warm hearted people...

This experience really awaken me and make me realize my students' life. When we get close to our students, we'll ended up getting close to the whole long house! Very precious experience indeed. Try to explore various society is super fun! and I'm planning to explore more... Ulu Skrang... Wait for me! Ehehe..

Till next time! Adios!~~
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The Longest 8 Days Ever!

As new year open its door upon us, we teachers were ready to enter the same "park" with a newborn dinosaurs.

Some says being a teacher is very easy... It's just like walking in a park they say but only teachers knew that that park is Jurassic Park with a variety of dinosaurs.

It has been 8 days since the opening of the schools, and yet it felt like forever! Since the very first day I stepped my foot into this school, the works seems will never stop rolling. Maybe because of the shocked or something else I don't know, I had a fever on the second day! and currently even my body protests me. Today, I feel tired all day long and I slept for like 3 hours in the afternoon!! Being a teacher do challenge your mind and body... But I try to keep myself together and managed. Although some small minded human thought that teachers only work for a half day, but believe me that is not true! Whomever says that, never really understand the burden and responsibility of being a good teacher. Believe me when I say that they only see the tip of an iceberg.

I don't want to whine about my works but I just want to say something about us, teachers. Teachers are a "multi purpose" human! On some days you will see us as a driver, on some days a nurse, on some days an accountant and ultimately on some days a parent. Teachers nowadays does not bound to teaching and all of those above but, our work today much more towards clerking. File this, file that... Copy this, copy that... Type this, type that... and I hate meetings.

Have you ever heard of "School Based Evaluation"? Yes, that PBS thingy... I believe teachers that have done this thingy previous year know the workloads that they will received this year but sadly others don't even try to understand that and yet they still giving us workloads which require us or me to stay up late at night just to keep myself composed on the next day!. Otherwise, I will look like a lazy a**hole whom cannot get things done in time. Let me tell you this, wait until you do it yourself, you'll know it. Some teachers are planning to resign from just hearing the things they need and must do! That how scary PBS is... or maybe they were just joking, I don't know... If you're planning to "escape" it, you might think that you can evade it this year and next year, but mark my word... You'll pray that why the heck you don't offer yourself to do this earlier?! Later, while others are running, you're still learning to walk! Serve you right! Only then, you and your pity face want this and that, can you help me with this, can you help me with that... You know what? Deal with it yourself! I'm done with human's selfish attitude. Still learning to bare with it actually.

I just wanna ask you, teachers. How many F1 and F2 subjects you teach this year? How many PBS classes you teach this year? I don't know at the other school... but I asked my friend that she teaches 2 subjects and 4 classes... that's a bit handy but she managed she said. While at the other school her friend teaches 5 classes but only 1 subject!! 5 classes and 1 subject... that's a relief. But here, I teaches 3 different subjects with 5 classes! For those whom know PBS will know how much work will I have to do to survive this year. I pray to God almost every day to send peace into my heart and yes He did. I accept this with my open heart but when I try to do it, I definitely can't. As much as I try to push myself to dot it, in the end I realise I can't. So I decided to request my Senior Teacher to cut the PSK subject and replace it with one other subject which do not require me to do the PBS thingy. Although it just one easy subject but believe me, one subject can ease a lot of work! If one subject you already have a tone of works to do, then you triple it! Imagine that...That's the workloads I'm facing right now. I'm also a human. My advise, try to stand in others' shoe sometimes...

Put that aside... and that's not all! Surprise~~

Pembantu Guru Kelas... AKU.
Ketua Rumah Sukan... AKU.
Pembantu Penyelaras PMR... AKU. 
(Currently, I have to analyse students' achievement from year 2010 until 2012!! BY NEXT WEEK! GOD!~~)
Penyelaras Kelab Kebudayaan dan Pelancong... AKU.
Juruaudit Dalaman Koperasi... AKU.
and many more tiny tiny jobs and works... but the highlights are those four above... although it might seem just that to some of my dearest readers but each of that title require me to sacrifice my single life to work on weekends and almost every night, so far at least... and I don't have to list whatever jobs I need to do to make myself clear here. If you still questioned it, try Google. You'll understand.

My advise, don't use time as an excuse... Why? Because in the end you'll never have enough time and still keep give the same excuses."Don't have time laa..." "Need to do this laa..." "Need to do that laa..." and I was God gave me more time than you!! God gave each of us 24 hours long, day and night. If you don't have time, you simply make time!  I hate it when people use time as an excuse. 

Last but not least, pray for me my dearest readers!! I hope I can survive this challenging year.

That's enough of sharing... Good Night!

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