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Ok... I was supposed to be in Kuching this weekend but instead I don't know whatever thoughts I had in my mind that makes me postponed the intention.  and than this happened... Although I might kinda an outsider, but I was warmly welcomed here at Nanga Bunu, Skrang. I considered this as my second hometown and family... Last week I did not spend my time here because I had a lot of works which I needed to complete and this weekend I decided to f*ck it and just spend my weekend here with real people!

The front gate welcoming the visitors with clear blue sky and beautiful scenery. 

Nothing much happened at the first night but wait until the next morning... There was a plan to go "Ngiga Tekuyung"  or should I say snails "hunting". Haha... but the planned was postponed... Sad... and than, came a text asking a permission to spend a day here, from Norhamaiza and Rheitta, my colleagues. On saturday, I went back home for a couple of hours to get my laundry done before I can spend my time there with no worries about my working attire. Let's just move on... I'll just spare the story just to myself.

Done with chores at my place, I directly went to Nanga Bunu bringing along a 7 kg melon! That was a huge melon! Sharing the melon would be an exciting moment... Sharing the old stories and lounging together in the living room was very relieving. I love the pictures of smiling faces. 

The plan was to have a picnic at ai wong (waterfall) but the weather was not on our side today. They say that it has been like two days without raining here. That's why the river was very shallow and it was not even a waterfall! Just a running water over the huge and high rocks...

A smile to recover the disappoint heart...

With a disappointment at heart, we decided to go swimming at Sungai Bunu. In front of the long house this time. A walk back to the long house was quite tiring... huhuhu~

But this scenery cured it all... The greenery of black pepper plants and tall trees!

The happy faces!

The almost sun set view from Room 25's front door...

The experiences I had here were very addictive! There will surely be a next visit!!!


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