The path to success is not always straight and most importantly, easy. Most of us clear of it, that in some ways the path would be bumpy, crossroads or even a hole, in fact a really deep hole in the middle of the road. Our road to success is like that. Always like that.It does not come easy because the harder we strive for it, we will much appreciate it. Definitely feel like we have won something big, really big...

God has promised that He will not test us with burden that we could not face or carry. In fact, He tests us to a point whereby these obstacles will make us stronger and most importantly to me, to be more careful in the future. Teaches me to be more delicate in managing myself and keeping it composed. Although, decision making is one of the most difficult tests, I guess...

God knows our every dreams and He will tests us to see how much we want it and to make sure that we don't lost while pursuing it. Whilst, not just something you said on a daily regular basis. I assure you that the test will help you on your way up to the top and have a grip of your dream!

I don't know what to write because my head is filled with "dialogues" and "images" of my unstable and unmanaged thoughts. I'll just wrap it up.

I just want to say, be and stay strong. God will be always by our side. Always.

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