Force Buried Deep.

Dear human,

Dormant Volcano.

Have you ever seen or at least read about a dormant volcano? or should I say, do you anything about dormant volcano?

If you don't know, well, you are in for a treat.

 Dormant volcano is known as sleeping volcano. From afar, it looked like just an ordinary mountain with leaves and trees and some, maybe a beautiful scenery to enjoy. But be aware, someday the mountain will erupt its fiery-hot-red dirt buried from deep within when the tectonic plate beneath it get unaligned by unwanted outside force. When the day come, it will destroy anything in its path and human will see it's true "bad" side and then, sober for being careless and engrossed.

Same goes to human... The peacefully seen face that some of us wear daily is not reflecting the unseen. I for an example, smile a lot because I don't want to put a thought that I am some kind of a bad-ass person, although that is sometimes true... Hahaha... But it makes me wondering that why people act in a weird way...we gave them respect and yet they respond other that any good thing we know in the world. We gave them sincere smile and yet they respond with disgusted eye roll. What is that all about? Are we that sick human? Owh, wait... No... Actually I think that person is not worthy of any good things in this world!

My previous actions might seem too good in your eye until you take a chance to step on me. May be you translate that good deeds differently, I don't know... But remember this. I AM A FORCE NOT TO BE RECKON WITH. 

I don't want to share my dark past here because only a few close friends know about it.Take this as a fair alert... Once you mess with me, you'll never see that good side of me anymore, to you at least. I am sorry but you started it all first! To make it even worst, you don't even know me! In your eye, I might look like a person whom you can stomp but snored not, I AM NOT. 

Many asked, what gives me to be this composed person. A word; Patience, patience and more patience. Owh, wait... That's five but no matter... PATIENCE guys!

I don't admit that I am the most patience human on earth, but each human has their line which they do not want anyone to cross. Same goes to everything! Too much of everything is dangerous! How dangerous? Sooner or later we will know it ourself.

I don't want to write about respect or patience because everyone of us know it by instinct! Who we should respect and who we should not. When we must be patience and when we should not. That is when it is too much too accept, that's when we stand up and stand tall.

That would be all. Thank you.

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