Appearance really fascinates me. We can do a lot with appearance. Add this and ad that, toss this and toss that. We would almost do anything to create the most  appealing appearance. 

But her, I would like to share how that appearance can sometimes deceive us. Remember this, "Don't Ever Judge a Person by Their Appearance."

One can dress like a super naive person, yet they are not!

One can dress like a prostitute, yet their are not!

and, one can dress like a highly educated person, yet they are obviously not!

I hate to say this but, I sometimes judge a person by their appearance. Not that I am prejudice but it's just the way I observe people. It is not fair to judge them just by their appearance, right? But, what can we do? We are human... We cannot run from that behaviour...

When we went out for dinner, be alert of our surrounding. Watch every person on your left and right. Observe their shirt... Observe their pants and the way they talk. I assure you can translate it into some kind of "attitude"... Good or otherwise... Don't believe it? Try it for yourself... It's fun by the way...

I am actually an observer... A very keen observer... I like to observe my surroundings anywhere I go. Even it was just in a public toilet! In short, wherever human are available to be observed! That's how crazy I am... Hahaha... And to make things even more fun, I will make a guessing game... In my head at least... I don't want to share whatever guess I made because sometimes it went scarier than the Friday The 13th...  Hahaha..

I picked this topic because I often misjudge as a jobless teenager, wasting time in a supermarket and hanging around with another losers. Sometimes it makes me thinking. What was really the problem? It is me? Is it anything I wears? or Is it the way I talk with people? Well, I am sorry to disappoint some people... I am not a teenager... I am an adult now! Although, a teenager at heart... Hehehe~

The way I dress may be seems like a common teenager. Cap... Short... Logo T-shirt... Flip flop... and sometimes just a simple grey inner-shirt paired with army print short! I thought may be that what makes them think that I am a teenager... But honestly, that's just the way I dress... I can't change that... I don't want to dress like an uncle with two daughters and shopping for some groceries... I just want to be me! There was this time I tried to dress like a "mature" person and my friends was like laughing for about 10 minutes before they can open up their mouth to ask what the he*ck am I wearing?!~ Hahaha! It was not that bad actually... a simple brown body hugging collared shirt with light brown khakis and a pair of white converse snickers... That was not really bad, right? Even when I dress like that, my friends knew there was something wrong with me! Since then, I don't want to change my "normal" appearance... Simple and neat... and always one extra item to boost the look up...

Here's some advise... Judge people's appearance only if it is necessary! Sometimes, prejudice can really save you! 


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