Day 5 - The Last Day

Oh no... I mean, Oh Yeay! It's the last day! No more sitting and standing under the hot beaming sun~ but, it was the last day of the event... Sad~

Today, not much event happened... only relays final... The morning started with 200 m male under 13... We have a gold medallist nominee on the track today, Walter Zenga Gani... He's one of our top sprinter... and guess what? He broke the current record for both 100 m and 200 m! What a leg he have, huh? Congrates!!!

That's him on the right with his victory sleeveless hanging...
That's not just that... This year Keditians seems broke about four current records I think... 

Below is a 4x100 m relay team under 13... Suria has had put this team to the top! She manage to sprint over 4 team to get the gold medal! Wow!~~What an achievement.... It seems that this year athletes under 13 contributed more medals than the others...

4x100m athletes with Mr Solomon... That's her on the left... Suria, the top girl sprinter.
While the other relay teams on the track, coaches took this opportunity to give final advise to the other relay teams... Especially the boys...

Discussing the strategy and techniques...
Let me introduce you guys the teachers-slash-the coaches-slash-drivers, sometimes...

From Left: Miss Hasmiliyana, Miss Rheitta Umairah, and Miss Noor Suziantie...
In the middle, Mr Wan!
Sorry C. Amir! Bebudak takdok amek gambaq hang... huhuhu~~ Xpa... gambaq aku pun takdok...

Takde gambar muke, gambar belakang pun ok kan, Amir? eheheh~

As for the achievement, I heard that Keditians has broke 4 records!

100 m Lelaki 13TKB
200 m Lelaki 13TKB
Melontar Tukul Besi Terbuka Lelaki
Melontar Tukul Besi Terbuka Wanita

Congratulations Keditians for the outstanding achievements! 

Hope that next year will put us a step closer to victory!

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