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the story begins....cheh~~akakak!!

as i said before, i'm a practical student od, i'm attending my practical at SMK Convent, Kluang...Yesterday my advisor really trying to kill me..<==literally...she is Pn Rohana, one of the lecturer in my faculty..practical stidents suppose to be observed during their practical session..but, the point is...most of the lecturer tell their students that he/she wants to come over to obser them!in my case...she don't tell us that she' about to come on that day!OMG! mya friends and i really really's ok with me because i'm teaching morning session...but those two other girls are teaching afternoon session...unfortunately, she came in the afternoon..akaka!!lucky my but poor them..

yesterday, she only manage to observe one practical teacher (Kak Tila..<==teaching KH)..lucky Kak Iema...i can tell from their face that noth of them were really scared that day..that's because on that day both of them planning to do practical class for the students..

today's story was different..i really really really thought that i will be observed today!! and then, i prepared all lesson plan and the slide show carefully..i allign both lesson plan and the slide show so that they are sequence...only that i might get A in my practical..i prepared teaching aids with cartoons, motion, and video, and i even plug in my broadband to the laboratory desktop just to bring something new to the table...i planned to show the students some pictures from the internet and extra information for their understanding...yeah..just like i said..she did'nt came by today...........(T.T)

then i asked both of them..<==kak iema and kak tila.."knp pn rohana x dtg observe ari ni?"...then kak ima said..."kan ak dh gtau yg dia xdpt dtg ari ni....dia kte dia sebok..klas dia full ari ni..."..hmmm...may be i misheard some information...iyalah!!i was sleeping when she called me...akaka!!mamai kte org...and she said to e that posibbly she will come on thursday...but, she wants us to submit ROS on the same day!OMG!!i have'nt finish it yet~!!the report is in progress...i've done it around 80% complete...a lot more works to do actually..luckily i have no class for tomorrow...then i can continue it tomorrow morning during school session..akaka!!

tonight i just updating my blog and looking around~~^^

Copyright Reserved(c)..~^^

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!Ten Things You Can Do to Help Curb Global Warming
Responsible Choices
The choices we make and the products we buy test our commitment to maintain a healthy planet. When we burn fossil fuels—such as oil, coal, and natural gas—to run our cars and light our homes, we pump carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. This thickens the heat-trapping blanket that surrounds the planet, causing global warming.
Choosing modern technology can reduce our use of fossil fuels and help protect the planet. These ten steps will help curb global warming, save you money, and create a safer environment for the future.

1.Drive SmartResponsible Choices
The choices we make and the products we buy test our commitment to maintain a healthy planet. When we burn fossil fuels—such as oil, coal, and natural gas—to run our cars and light our homes, we pump carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. This thickens the heat-trapping blanket that surrounds the planet, causing global warming.

Choosing modern technology can reduce our use of fossil fuels and hep protect the planet. These ten steps will help curb global warming, save you money, and create a safer environment for the future.

oneDrive Smart!
A well-tuned car with properly inflated tires burns less gasoline—cutting pollution and saving you money at the pump. If you have two cars, drive the one with better gas mileage whenever possible. Better yet, skip the drive and take public transit, walk, or bicycle when you can.

oneBuy Local and Organic
Did you know the average American meal travels more than 1,500 miles from the farm to your plate? Think of all the energy wasted and pollution added to the atmosphere—not to mention all the pesticides and chemicals used to grow most produce! So go to your local organic farmer to get your fruits and veggies.

oneSupport clean, renewable energy.
Renewable energy solutions, such as wind and solar power, can reduce our reliance on coal-burning power plants, the largest source of global warming pollution in the United States. Call your local utility and sign up for renewable energy. If they don't offer it, ask them why not?

Also, support a national renewable electricity standard (RES). The Energy Bill signed in 2007 lacked key components that address our energy security and global warming emissions: a renewable electricity standard of 15 percent by 2020 and a tax package that will provide investment incentives for clean energy alternatives. Use our action center to urge your members of congress to support the renewable electricity standard and tax package!

oneReplace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
Especially those that burn the longest each day. Compact fluorescents produce the same amount of light as normal bulbs, but use about a quarter of the electricity and last ten times as long. Each switch you make helps clean the air today, curb global warming, and save you money on your electricity bill.

oneSaving energy at home is good for the environment and for your wallet.
Start with caulking and weather-stripping on doorways and windows. Then adjust your thermostat and start saving. For each degree you lower your thermostat in the winter, you can cut your energy bills by three percent. Finally, ask your utility company to do a free energy audit of your home to show you how to save even more money.

oneBecome a smart water consumer.
Install low-flow showerheads and faucets and you'll use half the water without decreasing performance. Then turn your hot water heater down to 120°F and see hot-water costs go down by as much as 50 percent.

oneBuy energy-efficient electronics and appliances.
Replacing an old refrigerator or an air conditioner with an energy-efficient model will save you money on your electricity bill and cut global warming pollution. Look for the Energy Star label on new appliances or visit their website to find the most energy-efficient products.

onePlant a Tree, protect a forest.
Protecting forests is a big step on the road to curbing global warming. Trees "breathe in" carbon dioxide, but slash-and-burn farming practices, intensive livestock production, and logging have destroyed 90 percent of the native forests in the United States. And you can take action in your own backyard—planting shade trees around your house will absorb CO2, and slash your summer air-conditioning bills.

oneReduce! Reuse! Recycle!
Producing new paper, glass, and metal products from recycled materials saves 70 to 90 percent of the energy and pollution, including CO2, that would result if the product came from virgin materials. Recycling a stack of newspapers only four feet high will save a good-sized tree. Please... buy recycled products!

oneMount a local campaign against global warming.
Educate your community about how it can cut global warming pollution. Support measures at the national, state, and local level that:

  • Make automobiles go further on a gallon of gas;
  • Accelerate the use of clean, renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind;
  • Increase energy efficiency and conservation; and
  • Preserve forests around the world.A well-tuned car with properly inflated tires burns less gasoline—cutting pollution and saving you money at the pump. If you have two cars, drive the one with better gas mileage whenever possible. Better yet, skip the drive and take public transit, walk, or bicycle when you can.

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Keagungan Allah~~~

Doktor memulakan syarahannya dengan membawa para hadirin memikirkan sejenak dengan hadith yang maknanya sedikit sebanyak "Dalam diri-diri kamu ada tanda-tanda kebesaran Tuhan". Doktor menyuruh kita melihat kedua tapak tangan dan perhatikan garis-garis di tapak tangan kita.Garisan-garisan di tangan kiri menunjukkan angka 8 dan 1 dalam Bahasa Arab dan tangan kanan 1 dan 8 dan membawa ke jumlah 81 + 18 = 99 iaitu bilangan nama Allah.

Berikut adalah antara intipati syarahannya secara ringkas:-

Cara makan, kenapa kita gunakan tangan?

Mengikut cara Rasulullah s.a.w,beliau akan menggaulkan lauk dan nasi dengan tangan kanannya dan kemudian membiarkan sebentar, lalu Rasullah saw akan mengambil sedikit garam menggunakan jari kecilnya(yg last tu),! lalu Rasullah saw akan menghisap garam itu. Kemudian barulah Rasulullah makan nasi dan lauknya. Mengapa? Kerana kedua belah tangan kita ada mengeluarkan 3 macam enzim,tetapi konsentrasi di tangan kanan kurang sedikit dari yg kiri. Ini adalah kerana enzim yg ada di tangan kanan itu merupakan enzim yang dapat menolong proses penghadaman (digestion), ia merupakan the first process of digestion.Mengapa menghisap garam? Kerana garam adalah sumber mineral dari tanah yg diperlukan oleh badan kita. Dua cecah garam dari jari kita itu adalah sama dgn satu liter air mineral. Kita berasal dari tanah maka lumrahnya bahan yang asal dari bumi (tanah) inilah yg paling berkhasiat untuk kita.Kenapa garam?

Selain dari sebab ia adalah sumber mineral, garam juga adalah penawar yang paling mujarab bagi keracunan, mengikut Dr, dihospital-hospital, the first line of treatment for poisoning adalah dengan memberi Sodium Chloride, iaitu GARAM.

Garam juga dapat menghalang sihir dan makhluk-makhluk halus yang ingin menggangu manusia.

Cara Rasulullah mengunyah - Rasulullah akan mengunyah sebanyak 40 kali untuk membiarkan makanan itu betul-betul lumat agar perut kita senang memproseskan makanan itu.

Membaca Basmalah -(Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahiim). Membaca Basmalah sebelum makan untuk mengelakkan penyakit. Kerana bakteria dan racun ada membuat perjanjian dengan Allah swt, apabila Basmalah dibaca maka bakteria dan racun akan musnah dari sumber makanan itu.

Cara Rasulullah minum. -Janganlah kita minum berdiri walaupun ia makruh tetapi ia makruh yang menghampiri kepada haram. Jangan kita minum dari bekas yg besar dan jangan bernafas sedang kita minum. Kerana apabila kita minum dari bekas yg besar, lumrahnya kita akan meneguk air dan dalam proses minum itu, kita tentu akan bernafas dan menghembuskan nafas dari hidung kita. Kerana apabila kita hembus, kita akan mengeluarkan CO2 iaitu carbon dioxide, yang apabila bercampur dgn air H20, akan menjadi H2CO3, iaitu sama dengan cuka, menyebabkan minuman itu menjadi berasid. Jangan meniup air yg panas, sebabnya sama diatas. Cara minum, seteguk bernafas, seteguk bernafas sehingga habis.

Mengapa Islam menyuruh di sebat 100 kali orang belum berkahwin yang berzina, dan merejam sehingga mati org yg sudah berkahwin yang berzina? Badan manusia akan mengeluarkan sel-sel darah putih atau antibiotik yg dapat melawan penyakit. Dan sel-sel ini terdapat di daerah tulang belakang, berdekatan dengan sum-sum tulang manusia. Lelaki yang belum berkahwin dia akan dapat mengeluarkan beribu-ribu sel ini, manakala lelaki yang sudah berkahwin hanya dapat menghasilkan 10 unit sel ini sehari, kerana antara sebabnya ialah kerana sel-sel lain akan hilang kerana perhubungan suami isteri.

Jadi apabila lelaki yang belum berkahwin didapati salah kerana zina hendaklah disebat 100 kali. Ini adalah kerana apabila dia disebat di belakangnya, suatu amaran tentang kesakitan itu akan membuatkan penghasilan beribu sel antibiotik yang dapat melawan virus HIV jika ia ada di badannya, dengan itu dapatlah antibodi melawan virus HIV itu.

Tetapi jika lelaki itu sudah berkahwin,walaupun disebat 100 kali ia akan tetap menghasilkan 10 unit antibodi sahaja, jadi dengan itu hukumannya direjam hingga mati agar dia tidak dapat merebakkan virus HIV itu. Itulah sedikit sebanyak inti syarahan yg disampaikan oleh Dr Jamnul Azhar. Harap ia akan memberi manfaat pada anda sekalian, dan sedikit informasi yang diberikan oleh Mudaris(guru) ana, Mudaris Iskandar mengenai Ka'bah.

Mengapa ia terletak di Mekah al-Mukarramah dan mengapa ia empat persegi (cube). Ia terletak di posisinya sekarang kerana setelah dibuat kajian oleh para cendikiawan dari Pakistan dan Arab, didapati, tempat terletaknya Ka'bah sekarang itu, adalah betul-betul di tengah bumi. Mengapa ia empat persegi, ia melambangkan perpaduan ummah yang bergerak maju bersama, equality and unity, tidak seperti bentuk pyramid, dimana ia diumpamakan, seperti hanya seorang pemenang yg berada diatas setelah ia memijak-mijak yang lain. Dan antara lagi sebab mengapa 4 persegi melambangkan 4 imam besar, Maliki, Hambali, Hanafi dan Syafi'i, melambangkan kebenaran keempat-empat Imam tersebut.

Sekian buat renungan bersama…….


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Allahyarhamah YAsmin Hamid....Al Fatihah

Yasmin meninggal dunia - Kembali ke rahmatullah 3 hari selepas diserang angin ahmar

Pengarah filem dan iklan terkenal, Yasmin Ahmad yang mengalami strok dan pendarahan di bahagian otak sejak Khamis lepas meninggal dunia malam tadi.

Yasmin, 51, kembali ke rahmatullah kira-kira pukul 11.30 malam di Hospital Pakar Damansara, Petaling Jaya selepas tiga hari berada dalam koma setelah menjalani pembedahan membuang darah beku di kepalanya.

Yasmin yang terkenal sebagai pengarah filem Sepet, Gubra dan Talentime rebah secara tiba-tiba semasa bermesyuarat bersama penyanyi Datuk Siti Nurhaliza dan suaminya, Datuk Seri Khalid Mohd. Jiwa serta beberapa kakitangan Media Prima di Sri Pentas, TV3, sekitar pukul 3 petang Khamis lalu.

Beberapa jam sebelum itu, adik iparnya, Datuk Dr. Zakaria Zahari memberitahu media, Yasmin masih menerima bantuan alat sokongan hayat di Unit Rawatan Rapi, Hospital Pakar Damansara.

al-fatihah untuk Allahyarhamah.........Smoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama dengan orang yang beriman......amin...

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Dilema industri muzik

Kemunculan dunia muzik digital menyebabkan lagu-lagu hari ini didengar dan dimuat turun tanpa bayaran. Penggerak industri muzik kini berkolaborasi dengan pelbagai pihak termasuk Google, Nokia dan rangkaian laman web sosial untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian.

KELEMBAPAN ekonomi global mengurangkan angka penjualan muzik secara fizikal.

MASALAH cetak rompak tidak terkawal dan pasaran cakera padat yang semakin perlahan meletakkan industri muzik di Asia di bawah tekanan serius. Namun begitu, pakar berharap teknologi dan media sosial mampu mengisi jurang tersebut.

Ketika permintaan terhadap muzik kekal tinggi di seluruh rantau ini, kelembapan ekonomi global telah memacu pengambilan muzik daripada Internet, sekali gus mengurangkan angka penjualan muzik secara fizikal.

"Para pengguna mendengar muzik lebih lama, cuma mereka tidak lagi membayarnya," kata Marcel Fenez, pengamal media dan hiburan dari PricewaterhouseCoopers.

"Kemelesetan ekonomi telah mempercepatkan migrasi kepada dunia digital kerana kandungannya percuma," katanya.

Fenez memberitahu dalam seminar industri Music Matters di Hong Kong bahawa pengedaran muzik di pasaran Asia jatuh sebanyak 9.3 peratus pada 2008, penurunan paling besar pernah dicatatkan industri dalam tempoh lima tahun.

Satu kaji selidik melibatkan lebih 8,000 muda mudi Asia berusia di antara 15 hingga 24 tahun mendapati hanya 11 peratus membayar muzik yang mereka ambil daripada Internet.

Berdepan dengan angka yang begitu rendah, industri kini cuba meneroka bagaimana ia boleh menggunakan teknologi baru, seterusnya mendapat bayaran untuk muzik melalui cara serba baru.

Paul Smith wakil Nokia memberitahu, pengeluar telefon bimbit itu kini menawarkan perkhidmatan muat turun muzik yang disekalikan bersama telefon bimbit.

Daripada membayar untuk setiap lagu, pencinta muzik dibenarkan untuk memuat turun apa juga lagu yang dimahukan ke dalam telefon bimbit mereka untuk tempoh 12 hingga 18 bulan. Kos muzik telah dimasukkan ke dalam harga telefon bimbit.

Ciri itu telah dilancarkan di beberapa buah negara Eropah, termasuk Singapura dan Australia.

Pendekatan boleh memuat turun muzik bukan sekadar untuk menjual telefon bimbit, ia lebih kepada usaha mengekang aktiviti pengambilan muzik secara tidak beretika.

"Kami perlu menawarkan pengguna apa yang mereka mahukan," katanya.

Lokasi percubaan terbesar bagi pendekatan inovatif itu adalah di China. Di sana, kira-kira 1.3 bilion penggunanya terdedah terhadap aktiviti cetak rompak dan pakar menyatakan, kadarnya melebihi 90 peratus.

Satu skim yang tidak pernah terfikirkan sebelum ini telah dicuba oleh gergasi enjin carian, Google bersama label-label seperti Warner, Sony and EMI.

Berkolaborasi dengan laman web muzik China, projek Top100 yang dilancarkan pada awal tahun ini menawarkan pengguna di China untuk memuat turun muzik secara percuma tanpa menyalahi undang-undang.

PROJEK Top100 menawarkan pengguna di China untuk memuat turun muzik secara percuma tanpa menyalahi undang-undang.

Langkah itu diharap mampu menarik lebih banyak pengguna dan menjana pendapatan menerusi iklan berikutan peningkatan trafik.

Pasaran enjin carian di China kini didominasi oleh Baidu yang mengukuhkan penguasaannya melalui kemampuan membantu pengguna mendapatkan muzik secara percuma, walaupun pesaingnya menyatakan tindakan tersebut adalah haram di sisi undang-undang.

Keraguan masih timbul tentang sama ada kerjasama itu benar-benar boleh menjana keuntungan. Menurut Google, amat penting untuk menarik minat pengunjung laman web terlebih dahulu dan memanipulasinya melalui pengiklanan.

"Kami percaya dengan pelaburan besar dalam aspek inovasi produk, pengguna dan wang akan muncul," kata pengarah kejuruteraan Google China, Bin Lin di seminar yang sama.

"Rangkaian sosial menerusi laman web seperti Facebook dan Twitter yang menghubungkan orang ramai secara dalam talian juga satu platform yang cukup berpotensi," jelas Pengurus Besar Tencent, Ayrton Zhu.

Tencent merupakan peneraju firma Internet di China dan mengendalikan komuniti dalam talian, Qzone. Ia menjadi salah satu komuniti terbesar di dunia dari segi ahlinya dan bersaing dengan Facebook dan MySpace.

Para pengguna Qzone perlu membayar yuran pendahuluan keahlian. Jadi, mereka boleh mendengar muzik di laman web tersebut dan membuat dedikasi lagu yang digemari kepada rakan-rakan.

"Syarikat-syarikat memerlukan pemahaman mendalam mengenai tingkah laku pengguna dan bagaimana menggunakan muzik untuk membuatkan mereka berinteraksi dengan sahabat handai," kata Zhu.

PENGELUAR telefon bimbit kini menawarkan perkhidmatan muat turun muzik yang disekalikan bersama telefon bimbit.

Pengurus Bersama M&C Saatchi and Sunshine, Robert Campbell menegaskan pengiklan harus lebih sofistikated dalam menggunakan laman-laman web rangkaian sosial dan melakukan lebih banyak perkara, berbanding sekadar menampal iklan di laman web tersebut.

"Mereka bukan menjual muzik, tetapi apa yang diwakili oleh muzik. Ia adalah kemampuan untuk berkongsi emosi," kata Campbell.

"Saya sangat yakin wang ada di luar sana. Namun, anda harus menawarkan pengguna apa yang ingin mereka beli."

Presiden dan Pengerusi Warner Music Asia Pacific, Lachie Rutherford menyatakan, industri wajar mengambil kesempatan terhadap selera tinggi pengguna muzik.

"Kita beroperasi dalam persekitaran yang pantas berubah. Tetapi satu perkara yang tidak akan berubah, iaitu keperluan manusia untuk berhibur," katanya. - AFP

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EDUTRIP (last sem)

wazzup!!!!!i'd like to share a story with u guys....

last semester, around in from UTM (universiti Teknologi Malaysia) went to a trip called Edutrip...the group was joined by the students of Faculty of Education along with two lecturers.....they are En Meor and Cikgu Ali...<==he preferred to be called "teacher"....ok..about 80 students from different courses went together to Terengganu and Kelantan in two buses....UTM buses...hehe...they're SPC,SPK and last year students from SPM..(Chemistry, and Math studetns)..actually this trip was held as a course trip... <======my friend n i in the bus (picture 1==>from left:me, ikhwan, matyo, amin, sidi n the hand is belong to syazrie.........huhu~..picture 2==>from left:aida, me, amin n the hand is belong to sidi....hahaha..)...

we have had a lot of fun along the way to terengganu...the first stop for this trip was terengganu..if i'm not was nur arfa batik...because it is located in the way to kota bharu, kelantan....the buses was departure from johor baharu on thursday at hr 23:00...

along the way, most of us take a sleep since it was a long trip to terengganu...from jb, it takes around 7-8 hours of journey.....

en meor (the guy in green batik)

these are the pictures of us at Nur Arfa Batik in terengganu......we're enjoying ourselves as we stop by and wacth the demonstration of drawing a batik and all the procedure was clearly the process, the silk was imported from all over the world including london. based on the nur arfa's assistant, the price of a batik is depends on the silk, color and drawing....the more sophisticated the draw, than of course the price is also "sophisticated"...hehe~~but, most of us don't want to lose the opportunity to buy a batik directly from the factory...the prices were specially tagged for us...10%, 20%, 30% and even 50%...and even lucky draw!!unfortunately, i'm not the lucky winner....hmm....but, i bought 1 baju batik worth rm130, for my teaching practice in july...

hmm....then, we have a trip to Taman Tamadun Islam in Terengganu.......

<===the pictures of my lovely friends and future teacher!!.....hehe~~ ......all the plastic bags were shopping bag from nur arfa batik......fuh!tired~~ a lot of things happened in this the entrance, we were given a passport for each of us...uUuU~~we need passport to enter the park..unique~~!!in the park, i know my course-mate even better and after the trip we were closer to each other.... the memories are preciously born within ourselves......huhu~~ a lot of replicas of historical religious building located in a place...i felt bad because i could'nt had a chance to see them all...time is limited..i just saw around 5-6 sad...(T.T).... these are all the replicas that i visited...actually, there were more pictures, but i can't show it all...there are too many of them..

we were just having fun in the park.. taking pictures and some sigh-seeing....most importantly, all of us gain new knowledge about all the historical building in islam...that was a very nice day...even the bright sun burns us...huhu~

the next day, we were went to USM, medical campus in kubang krian, kelantan.....

more new knowledge were gained...
here, we did the assignment assigned to us...we study methods to manage excellent laboratory...

and some medical information which is important to us as a future parents...hehehe~~

afterward, we went for keropok losong, and keropok lekor..i don't want to lose a chance to taste the delicious and original keropok losong and lekor in terengganu...

<==cikgu ali..(guy in a black jacket)

that's i can remember...this 3 months ago trip gives us very useful knowledge as a guide to become a great teacher in the future....

teachers-to-be.....are u ready????!!!!!hehehe......

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adus!!adus!!adus!!so tired right (saturday) i just woke up at 12 noon! just because of i was in duty last night..OMG those girl do not sleep at all!!even i feel sleepy at 3 in the morning...but those girl willing to queue for hours just for a shower...i just don't understand....last night was a new experience to me..u know why?...because last night i slept on a bench!!..even just for an hour, i feel the pain in my back already....i fall asleep around 4 in the morning and woke up at 530..those girls are really loud...i was thinking..don't they sleep at all??

actually, i just got my lap top back from a store...i feel like dying to update this blog...i just reformatted it and upgrade the RAM..before this, my lap top was really really slow! i think a snail is even faster than this d@mn lap top....but now...i luv it very much.......<3..looks like a brand new lap top...hehe~~

by the way, i'd like to wish my friend...valarie ann is her 21th birthday...i don't want to text her first because i want to be the last person to wish her on her birthday...huhu~~

lets continue...
i woke up in 1230 noon because i have another commitment for this camp..i was the committee for this afternoon's activity...i was in charge to bring sports items to the field...right now i hold the keys for the storage room...i still feels tired right away, but its my that, i just go down there and did my job the best as i could... i haven't eat my breakfast yet...i ate my lunch at 5 pm today....have not enough time to handle a lot of things in a day...

dilema "makan".......

everyday my friends (valarie and patricia) and i going out for foods...we live in this so called home stay at canossian convent oasis...blame this to Mr Lau!! he promised to meet us so many times before..we decided to rent his house..but, you know what?!when we want to meet him..his reasons will be the same again and again!!i'm out station la...busy la...anything la!!then we have to stay here...the regulations are a bit not over use the elecitiry, water, and we do not allowed to cook...that the main problem to us..the others are the way....this place is convinient!~~they have all this refrigerator, oven, washing machine, heater, and even hot shower!!~~that's cool beb!~~

ya la...but...we have to go out for foods...everyday we spend the least RM15....but most of the time, i spend around RM20+ just for food!~can you imagine it for a month??it's RM600 y'all~~~just to eat..that's not include other thing such as rent, bill, and other requirements.......hmm.....

that's why i try to save money from now on.....

wish me luck..!!~~^^v....

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My First Teaching Lesson~~

huh~~yesterday i started my life as an official practical teacher!!~~hahaha!!so funny!!even i could not believe it..the first class is a mess..i cannot speak in front of the class properly..yet, my students behave their selves...lucky me~~^^v..huhu~~ the teacher, pn zainab asked me to do the excercise first since this is my first teaching lesson. so, i agreed....

today...i taught 4s1 student..i can feel a butterfly in my stomach right i step into the staff room!!!!OMG~~all morning i could not breath (not H1N1 symptom ea~~)...i can hear my heart beat in my, ms. principle wanted to see my first lesson at the back of the class...OMG!!i felt like this world is going to ends...SO SCARY~~~(T.T)..later, my class started...its alroght, its okay..huhu~~at first, my students did not believes in me..because in their mind..i just a practical teacher...a little bit sad for me to begins the class..then, the lesson started..............

i asked them to name the chemical compound on the board, and they answered it correctly...actually, only a few students at the front answered it...then, i asked them again...what molecules exist in this compound? just like i thought...only a few answered it..then, they got my nerves.....i asked them to go in a group of 4-5 and discuss about the Stability os Inert Gas, Conditions of Chemical Bonds, and Types of Chemical Bond......only in 15 Minutes i said!! at first, they just talking to each others..again..the got my nerve..then i said, you will present your findings at the front!~~then, the game is started...i fought back..most of the senior teachers said..they love to bully new teacher..and i don't want it to happen to me....first class is important to gain their respect!!

then, the presentation was started...its flawless i think..but, some still talking at the back of the order to gain their attention, i asked the group at the back to present their findings...i was shocked..they got it right..hmm....then i realise that they're all got A in sciences from the previous PMR...

i keep doing activities to get their attentions..otherwise, they will play around...i kept calling students who were play a alot..hehehe~~some trick from my lecturer..i asked them to draw electron arrangements of Neon, Sodium, and Oxygen...then..i was shocked again..they got it WRONG this time....hahaha!!now they knew....I am the Boss this time~!!! now, i got their attention...i kept asking why this is happenning, whay that is happening...just to keep they focus on my lesson, i did a lot of that students do not fell sleepy and most importantly is...THEY DO NOT SLEEP!! i just simply hate it!~~

this first day, i believes i already got their respect...students who were sitting at the back, moved to the front seat..i believe they're having fun while studying with me...huhuhu~~~

the first day was just owesome!!!hehe~~

wish me luck tomorrow~~~

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