My First Teaching Lesson~~

huh~~yesterday i started my life as an official practical teacher!!~~hahaha!!so funny!!even i could not believe it..the first class is a mess..i cannot speak in front of the class properly..yet, my students behave their selves...lucky me~~^^v..huhu~~ the teacher, pn zainab asked me to do the excercise first since this is my first teaching lesson. so, i agreed....

today...i taught 4s1 student..i can feel a butterfly in my stomach right i step into the staff room!!!!OMG~~all morning i could not breath (not H1N1 symptom ea~~)...i can hear my heart beat in my, ms. principle wanted to see my first lesson at the back of the class...OMG!!i felt like this world is going to ends...SO SCARY~~~(T.T)..later, my class started...its alroght, its okay..huhu~~at first, my students did not believes in me..because in their mind..i just a practical teacher...a little bit sad for me to begins the class..then, the lesson started..............

i asked them to name the chemical compound on the board, and they answered it correctly...actually, only a few students at the front answered it...then, i asked them again...what molecules exist in this compound? just like i thought...only a few answered it..then, they got my nerves.....i asked them to go in a group of 4-5 and discuss about the Stability os Inert Gas, Conditions of Chemical Bonds, and Types of Chemical Bond......only in 15 Minutes i said!! at first, they just talking to each others..again..the got my nerve..then i said, you will present your findings at the front!~~then, the game is started...i fought back..most of the senior teachers said..they love to bully new teacher..and i don't want it to happen to me....first class is important to gain their respect!!

then, the presentation was started...its flawless i think..but, some still talking at the back of the order to gain their attention, i asked the group at the back to present their findings...i was shocked..they got it right..hmm....then i realise that they're all got A in sciences from the previous PMR...

i keep doing activities to get their attentions..otherwise, they will play around...i kept calling students who were play a alot..hehehe~~some trick from my lecturer..i asked them to draw electron arrangements of Neon, Sodium, and Oxygen...then..i was shocked again..they got it WRONG this time....hahaha!!now they knew....I am the Boss this time~!!! now, i got their attention...i kept asking why this is happenning, whay that is happening...just to keep they focus on my lesson, i did a lot of that students do not fell sleepy and most importantly is...THEY DO NOT SLEEP!! i just simply hate it!~~

this first day, i believes i already got their respect...students who were sitting at the back, moved to the front seat..i believe they're having fun while studying with me...huhuhu~~~

the first day was just owesome!!!hehe~~

wish me luck tomorrow~~~

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