the story begins....cheh~~akakak!!

as i said before, i'm a practical student od, i'm attending my practical at SMK Convent, Kluang...Yesterday my advisor really trying to kill me..<==literally...she is Pn Rohana, one of the lecturer in my faculty..practical stidents suppose to be observed during their practical session..but, the point is...most of the lecturer tell their students that he/she wants to come over to obser them!in my case...she don't tell us that she' about to come on that day!OMG! mya friends and i really really's ok with me because i'm teaching morning session...but those two other girls are teaching afternoon session...unfortunately, she came in the afternoon..akaka!!lucky my but poor them..

yesterday, she only manage to observe one practical teacher (Kak Tila..<==teaching KH)..lucky Kak Iema...i can tell from their face that noth of them were really scared that day..that's because on that day both of them planning to do practical class for the students..

today's story was different..i really really really thought that i will be observed today!! and then, i prepared all lesson plan and the slide show carefully..i allign both lesson plan and the slide show so that they are sequence...only that i might get A in my practical..i prepared teaching aids with cartoons, motion, and video, and i even plug in my broadband to the laboratory desktop just to bring something new to the table...i planned to show the students some pictures from the internet and extra information for their understanding...yeah..just like i said..she did'nt came by today...........(T.T)

then i asked both of them..<==kak iema and kak tila.."knp pn rohana x dtg observe ari ni?"...then kak ima said..."kan ak dh gtau yg dia xdpt dtg ari ni....dia kte dia sebok..klas dia full ari ni..."..hmmm...may be i misheard some information...iyalah!!i was sleeping when she called me...akaka!!mamai kte org...and she said to e that posibbly she will come on thursday...but, she wants us to submit ROS on the same day!OMG!!i have'nt finish it yet~!!the report is in progress...i've done it around 80% complete...a lot more works to do actually..luckily i have no class for tomorrow...then i can continue it tomorrow morning during school session..akaka!!

tonight i just updating my blog and looking around~~^^

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