dilema "makan".......

everyday my friends (valarie and patricia) and i going out for foods...we live in this so called home stay at canossian convent oasis...blame this to Mr Lau!! he promised to meet us so many times before..we decided to rent his house..but, you know what?!when we want to meet him..his reasons will be the same again and again!!i'm out station la...busy la...anything la!!then we have to stay here...the regulations are a bit strick...do not over use the elecitiry, water, and we do not allowed to cook...that the main problem to us..the others are considerable...by the way....this place is convinient!~~they have all this refrigerator, oven, washing machine, heater, and even hot shower!!~~that's cool beb!~~

ya la...but...we have to go out for foods...everyday we spend the least RM15....but most of the time, i spend around RM20+ just for food!~can you imagine it for a month??it's RM600 y'all~~~just to eat..that's not include other thing such as rent, bill, and other requirements.......hmm.....

that's why i try to save money from now on.....

wish me luck..!!~~^^v....

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