adus!!adus!!adus!!so tired right (saturday) i just woke up at 12 noon! just because of i was in duty last night..OMG those girl do not sleep at all!!even i feel sleepy at 3 in the morning...but those girl willing to queue for hours just for a shower...i just don't understand....last night was a new experience to me..u know why?...because last night i slept on a bench!!..even just for an hour, i feel the pain in my back already....i fall asleep around 4 in the morning and woke up at 530..those girls are really loud...i was thinking..don't they sleep at all??

actually, i just got my lap top back from a store...i feel like dying to update this blog...i just reformatted it and upgrade the RAM..before this, my lap top was really really slow! i think a snail is even faster than this d@mn lap top....but now...i luv it very much.......<3..looks like a brand new lap top...hehe~~

by the way, i'd like to wish my friend...valarie ann is her 21th birthday...i don't want to text her first because i want to be the last person to wish her on her birthday...huhu~~

lets continue...
i woke up in 1230 noon because i have another commitment for this camp..i was the committee for this afternoon's activity...i was in charge to bring sports items to the field...right now i hold the keys for the storage room...i still feels tired right away, but its my that, i just go down there and did my job the best as i could... i haven't eat my breakfast yet...i ate my lunch at 5 pm today....have not enough time to handle a lot of things in a day...

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