Day 1.

The past one month, I was training these full-spirited athletes, long and triple jump. Today their hardwork will be put to the test. Either they strive or not is now depends on their will to win. I hope any tips and all the techniques will help them to win some medals for the school team! Gagai Kedit Gagai!! (means Kejar Kedit Kejar)  

On the first day, the mini stadium was filled with thick morning fog. Very cool view from the stand.

This is the 730 am view here! Cool, right?
I took this picture while on my way to my watch my long jump athletes, Lyphu and Bereda. Although, the training was great, but the feeling when I witnessed their performance on the field was way much better! They exceeded their distance during the training and obtained Kedit's very first gold! I love my job! The feeling when we watch our students' success is almost like the happiest moment in our job life... 

This is Bereda, and she was in the 4th place. Congrates!

and this is Lyphu, she is one of a gold medallist!  Kedit's first gold medal, to be exact! I was like grinning until the end of the game when she managed to jump 4.11 m on her third attempt. Way farther than in the practice... Congratulation!!!
On my way back to the stand, it was their turn fighting to collect more medals to the school... Unfortunately, not this year... Hopefully the two of you can train harder for next year's event guys! 
Happy faces...
At 2:oo pm, another one of my athletes was fighting for another medal. He was not in his very best shape to win gold medal but he managed to get bronze... (Itula... aku suruh berlatih ko dok sebok main sepak takraw bagai....) By the way, Congrates!!! Last year he was a silver medallist though... 
Oh wait! Bronze medallist for triple jump!

Yeay! Another medal! Today, my athletes contributed three medals for the school! There was once said, work hard and you will reap the reward... She was one of my very dedicated athletes... 
Silver medallist for triple jump!! Hehehe~ 
 While waiting for the day ends, snapped a few interesting pictures for some memories....

Umie... Our sprinter.
From left: Umie, Rheitta (Long Distance Coach) and Klinsman

On the right is a gold medallist for 100 m sprint! I heard that he might set a new record! \o/ Yeayy!!

Zul... Our sprinter and my long jump kid!
Anybody interested? Oh wait, I'm sorry... He's taken! Hehehe~ By the way, great pose, Amir!
Last brief on Day 1 as for a preparation for Day 2.

Thus far achievement...

Day 1

GOLD Medal



Will be continued... 

leave comments if you'd love to..x0x0

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