On Time.

This particular topic has put up a debate over some employees and employers.  Actions will be taken on employees coming late to works and if you hate that fact, be a boss of yourself. We employees have to be punctual all the time because we cannot mess with someone else's time. There are reasons why people keep saying "Time is Priceless" and in Malay, "Masa Itu Emas". 

Some of us might think that being late a minute or two is forgiveable but actually we can never replace that minute or two! Put aside unexpected problems or emergencies. That is out of context. Here, I am discussing procrastination. ie; Late to a meeting, late to a date or everything involving being late... On purpose, that is!

Here's some thoughts. We keep discussing of coming early to work and a meeting but have we ever discuss about LEAVING ON TIME? Hehe..Now I know I have your attention... Well, keep reading honey... A perfectly timed meeting is hardly achieved because problems will keep raising as we discuss it. BUT how about work? Can it keep coming all the time? Let me tell you this, work will never stop coming! So, LEAVE ON TIME! 

People, LEAVE ON TIME does not necessarily means LEAVE EARLY! That's another problem which I don't want to discuss. It's beyond my expertise and I believe that all of us know that leaving early from work is not a good thing to do. Especially when we wanted to set an example to our colleagues. That is just wrong in any way, right?

Now, back to the topic. LEAVE ON TIME.

Readers, work is a never ending process and you can never finish all the work in a day. Of course you can't! Unless it's a simple task like clipping papers. Interest of our employers is not more important than of your family. Let me tell you this: If you fail in life, your boss will not be the person to offer a helping hand but your family and friends will. 

Besides, life does not mean coming to office early in the morning, going home later that day and sleep! There's a lot more to life. Well, we are human. Human need to socialise, relax and most importantly, bond! Don't make your life meaningless just to meet someone else's expectations or even worse, want to be praised... Urgh~ Lame~ A person who sits in a office even after working hours are NOT A HARD WORKING PERSON, they are actually a person who does not know how to manage their works within stipulated time properly! Again, this particular person will not have a healthy relationship with their family and friends because their life is in the office! 

Fellow friends, we did not pursue our study and struggle surviving campus life just to be a ROBOT! Take that!

Here's some thought on people who leaves on time: More productivity, Healthy social life and of course a happy and healthy family relationship.

And this is some thoughts on people who's still in the office even after working hour: Less productivity, No social life and maybe even no family life.

So, some advise... PLEASE LEAVE ON TIME! The works will not make you happier, your family and friends does! Always pay attention on the clock on the wall. It was put there for a reason, right? To ensure that all employees are alert of the progressing time...

Now, I'm training myself to come and leave on time. I know my time is priceless. Do you?

Adiyos su*ker!!!

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