Supa Dupa Hang Out...

Hey guys!

Welcome back!~ this entry is all about what I did on my weekends..

Well… almost most of it~ hehe…

As for last weekend, my friend and I went for a photo shoot at Istana Garden… at first, I’ve wondering the reason why most of photo shoot held there… and then, as I entered the place, my jaws dropped… I was mesmerized by the natural beauty of the place.. though it is not as beautiful as the New Zealand, but it is beautiful enough for me to be mesmerized!

I can’t believe that such place exist in the middle of a city! I asked my friend about the history of the place, but none of them know the exact story… so, I bottled up my questions… hehe~ none of my business I said.. ahahaha.. but, as long as I can enjoy myself, it’s enough already…

There have a abandoned mansion, was owned by some of the loyalty family I guess… I made that guess because the place is huge! Even my house + my grandparent’s house + my uncle’s house is not that big!~ and the arc just blew me away………. Such creation…

Enough with all the compliments which I don’t care so much about the history of the place….


These are some of the photo we took together… actually, we took a lot of them but Emirul (Siot) have not finish with all the enhancing yet… but, so far I’m satisfy of his job..hehehe~~here there are!

it's me look so tall!!!~~ahahaha... i like this picture of me so much because it make me feel good about my height!~~heheheeh~

from left: Anisz, Me, Emirul, Zakiah...

from left: emirul, amir (the photograopher), Me, Anisz, and Zakiah

and as a closure of the day... we all went to the J-Co in CS!~~ hehe...

having so much fun eating all the mouth watering doughnuts!!~fuh! betul betul kaw!!

ahahahaha....we took pictures also but unfortunately, i'm outside right now, at Kompleks Belia & Sukan, Larkin... waiting for others to come and start training for our mini monologue show this Monday night!!~

wish us the best of luck!!
chow guys!~~

nota bulu betis yg a bit curly: my first assignment for monologue and i still don't have a crystal clear about the play.........T__T but still, i hope i'll do the right thing to do!~~ *cross fingers*

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