Discipline problem at its peak.

 As the bell rang, I went to the class as usual. As always, any students I bumped on my way to my class, I will order them to go back to the class and ask my permission properly and obtained the permission pass from me. I know that it’s my responsibility if anything happen to them during my teaching period.

But, today, (10th April 2013) it worsen. On my way to the class, I saw four students on their way to the toilet and I raised my bamboo can to order them to go back but, they just ignored my order and walk away, to the toilet! And then, I bumped with three students wanted to go to the dining hall to drink and I order them to go back to the class first to get permission pass. I never expect the word “cibai” came out of this one kid’s mouth! He was like whispering the word, but I heard it very clearly! I don’t want to yell at the kid out in the public so I just let it go. So, I forgave him.

I thought that was it. But, when I arrived at the door, more than a half of the male students in class went missing! I asked, “Where did everybody go?” An honest student replied, “They went out teacher”...”Where to?”... “I don’t know teacher, maybe to the toilet”.

So I stand at teacher’s desk and roam the class to identify every one of them. While I do so, I looked out the door and saw two girls walking across the class. They noticed me and I thought they would run to the class apologising, yet, they smile and laugh together and continue walking to the toilet!
One rude kid I can handle it... but, three consecutive incidents of rudeness in less than 5 minutes?! No human can handle it! I was ready to forgive but, these two girls really bring up my blood pressure. At that time, I literally can hear my heart beating in my ears... So I wait... After almost 10 minutes, still no one was coming! So I took my books and walk away.

That was not it, I thought someone will come to the staff room and apologising or at least call me back to the class. Guess what? NONE came to me! Not even the class monitor!!! None!

This is rude! Rude! Rude! I never saw this level of rudeness coming out of children! This is madness!

Oh My Allah! What has happened to these kids?! Don’t they have any respect to their teachers at all?! What are us teachers to them?! Do they think that we are just tool paid by the government to teach them?!

We are not just a teacher, we are educators! There are huge difference between a teacher and an educator! I don’t want to look like a fool standing at the front educating kids about manners all the time! There are times when we need to nag about manners but these kids are fourteen! They are all able to think rationally now. Such simple manners like asking permission is a very basic rule of humanity.

Asking teacher’s permission to the toilet was taught since before these kids knew how to talk properly! Taught ince they were 5! Why they never learned?! Again, I never witness this sort of behaviour before...

Dear fellow citizens nowadays workloads is not just one challenge we face as teachers. Kids are even far worse than mounting workloads. The workloads can be completed in time but kids? They keep changing! Too many variables to take note! If we change this, that will be affected and if we change that, this will be affected.

Dear students, please be a wise human... 

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