Mau makan Nasi Ayam Penyet???

good day fella!~~

do you have any idea that Nasi Ayam Penyet is really really really mouth watering??what??!!you dont know?!~~OMG!!so last year....Nasi Ayam Penyet is an Indonesian local food...quite spicy but uuuu~~~rasa sekali pasti nak lagi!!~~~hahahaha!!

have you ever Bibik Restaurant?...what??!!...xtaw jugak!!~~omg...u really need to go out...see the world not just stay in your room playing you what dota is stand for?...DUNIA ORANG TANPA AWEK~~now you know....hahahaha!

ok...back to the topic...maw makan nasi ayam penyet? dont have any transportation? need to friends and i provided you delivery service...but, unfortunately this service is only available in UTM, Skudai~~~sorry guys....may b next time...but, i insist you to try Nasi Ayam Penyet~~try to look for it at your place la...i brani kerat jari kaki kalau you x suka nasi ayam penyet tu~~~...<--jari kaki ayam bogia~~hahahahaha..

actually, the place i would like to introduce you is in Taman u know the nike factory?..ala...Mama Chop Papa Grill?...haa...just a few blocks from mama chop papa grill...

unfortunately, i cant provide you guys the picture of the restaurant because the picture is still at my friend's place...but i really need to promote the palce by tonight...otherwise, i dont have enough time to prepare for my project proposal presentation tomorrow...huhu~~

ok...ordering procedure...


0137967988..<--that's me...*Guys only
0137033991..<--huda...*Ladies only

hmm...nothing much left to say....i think..that's all for now...

see you next time bebeh!!

xoxo~~gossip much?..hahaha

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