Cuti lagi~~~~~+ Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha in ADVANCE!~

salaam to all readers and good day mate!~

although it's a bit rainy outside...that's don't's a bless from Him to His subjects...
the "special break" is here!!! glad it's holiday AGAIN!~ last week was an exam week but also a holiday week for me!hehe~~it's a bless for being a final year student actually..i can have a three weeks holiday!~~hehe...*buat cuti sendiri*... so, UTM is in "silent mode"...the roads have no sounds of motor vehicles...the faculty is like a haunted left building...selince is everywhere.....

while others may have enjoy their festive with family members yet some of us celebrate Eid Adha with friends here in UTM...even worse...there are might be a loner this Eid...*let's hope none*
i, am one of those whom could not make it to celebrate the celebration with family members is every mans hope..but still..i have friends along....deep inside me feels sad though....

but not that sad...hehe~

this time i'd like to share a bit about the history of Eid Adha...some may have know this years ago..but some might forgot about the detail information...just a bit..sharing is caring!~hehe:)


the history of Eid Adha/Hari Raya Qurban is related to the Nabi Ibrahim/ Abraham and his beloved son Nabi Ismail/ Ishmael... Nabi Ibrahim was born in the day that was all newborn boy baby must be killed, orders from the tyrant king Nimrod bin Canaan...this was an age of where people worshipped stones..."zaman jahilliah"... Nimrod was told by his astrologer that

"There will be born among your subjects a boy who will cause your power to come to an end."

but ALLAH saved him... During his childhood, he was eager to find the truth until one night, while he was observing the sky, Ibrahim noticed a particular star. "This is my God" he said but when it set, he said "I do not love that which fades". after the same experience with the moon and sun, Ibrahim announced.

"I will turn my face to Him who has created the heavens and the earth, and live a rightous life, I am no idolater"
[Surah al-An 'am: 75-79]

when Ibrahim became a prophet, he called the people to worship one God, ALLAH but they all refused, including his own father. one day, when his father and the other people were away, Ibrahim took an axe and broke all the stone idols in the temple except the biggest one. when the peoples discovered this, they asked Ibrahim, "Who has done this?" asked one of the people and Ibrahim replied "Why do you even worship things which can't even talk, move or understand?" the peoples were furious, very angry and tried to kill him be setting him on fire. BUT ALLAH SAVED HIM AGAIN...

later he travelled to Syria, Palestine and Egypt... Prophet Ibrahim had two wives named Siti Sarah and Siti Hajar. his first child was Ismail from his wife Siti Hajar. then he had a son Ishak from his wife Siti Sarah.

The Journey to Mecca
when his beautiful son Ismail was born to his wife Siti Hajar, Ibrahim was instructed by Allah to leave his home, taking Siti Hajar and Ismail with him. they travelled for a long time until they reached a lonely, barren valley near two small hills called Safa and Marwah, a place we now know as Mecca. in those days the Mecca was a dry, desolate, and barren place. Ibrahim was order to leave his wife and child there, providing them only a leather bag containing some dates and water-skin.

Ibrahim started walking back, Siti Hajar followed him and saying "Where are you going, leaving us behind in this valley where there is no living being or anything else?". she repeated that question many times, and Ibrahim did not give any reply to her. then she asked again "Has ALLAH commanded you to do this?" He replied "Yes". then Siti Hajar said to him "Then, He will not let us be destroyed here." saying this, she returned to where he had left her.
Ibrhim went on until he came to narrow pass of a mountain where be could hardly be seen by them. he stopped there and faced the direction of the sacred house, raised his hands and invoke this prayer.

"Our God! I have settled some of my offspring in a valley without any cultivation, by your Sacred House, Our God! So they may establish regular prayers. So make the hearts of people yearn towards them, an provide them with sustenance that they may be grateful"
[Surah Ibrahim: 37]

The Discovery of The Well of Zamzam
after a while, little baby Ismail began to cry for a water to drink. Siti Hajar ran helplessly from one hill to another (Safa and Marwah hills) seven times to look for water to drink. she collasped beside her baby Ismail and prayed to God for deliverance.

Ibnu Abbas narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "That is the origin of walking between these two mountains."

distance of Safa and Marwah Hills

Safa ang Marwah hills

then, ALLAH caused a miracle: a spring gushed forth from beneath the feet of Ismail. Known as The Well of Zamzam.

The Well of Zamzam

The depth of The Well of Zamzam

source of the water

A Speacial Dream
when Ibrhim migrated from his land and people, he asked ALLAH to grant him a pious son and ALLAH gave him glad tidings of pious son, named Ismail. Ismail was his first-born son, and he was born after Ibrahim had reached the aged of sixty-six years old. when Ismail grew to be fine young boy (13 years old), Ibrahim (99 years old) had a dream that he was being commanded to sacrificed him. he talked to his son, Ismail about this dream.

"Ibrahim said: "O my son! I see in a dream that I offer you in sacrifice, so tell me what is your view?" [Surah al Soffat:102]

but his son was a brave boy and he said to his father

"O my father! Do as you are commanded, you will find me, if ALLAH so wills, one of patient" [Surah al-Soffat:103]

during the preparation, satan (syaitan) tempted Ibrahim and his family by trying to dissuade them from carrying out God's commandment, and Ibrahim and Ismail drove satan away by throwing pebbles at him. In commemoration of their rejection of satan, stones are thrown during Hajj. (Melontar Jamrah)

when both father and son had shown their perfect obedience to ALLAH and they had practically demonstrated their willingness to sacrifice their most precious possessions for His sake - Ibrahim by laying down hsi son Ismail patiently under the knife - ALLAH called out to them stating that his sincere intentions had been accepted, and that he need not carry out the killing of Ismail. instead, Obrahim wa told to replace his on with a ram to sacrifice instead.
a ram

ALLAH also told them that they had passed the test imposed upon them by his willingness to carry out God's command.
As a reward for this scrifices. ALLAH granted Ibrahim the good news of the birth of his second son Ishak.

Building The Ka'bah
Ibrahim and his son Ismail were asked to build the House (Ka'bah) and gave them guidance on how they should carry it out. they took stone from nearby hills and started to work.

Ibrahim prayed for this noble land and its inhabitants:

"And when Ibrahim and Ismail raised the foundation of the House, praying: Our God! Accept this from us, surely, You are the All Hearing, All Knowing. Our God! Make us submit to your Will, and raise from our offspring a nation which wil submit to Your Will, and show us the place of our rites (for pilgrimage) and turn to us in mercy."
[Surah al-Baqarah: 127-128]

they also prayed for the prophet to be born from among them, from their own people, who could teach them about ALLAH. their prayer was answered, a prophet was sent to them. His messeges for all people, regardless of the language that they spoke and no matter what colour they were. His name was Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muhammad was from the descendants of Ismail. he was the Seal of all Prophet and the final Messenger from ALLAH to all of humanity.

The First Invitation to Pilgrimage (Hajj)
Ibrahim was ordered by ALLAH to purify the Ka'bah for those who came to worship, and to call people to pilgrimage. today, millions of people come every year to answer to the original call of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Muhammad saw. since then, all Muslims from every part of the worls are obliged to perform pilgrimage once in a life time provided that their means and health permit them.

ibadah korban dilakukan bg mengingati peristiwa Nabi Ibrahim dan Nabi Ismail

i hope that you find this article is very useful for you readers.. thanks for all your support and last but not least



from me....Mohd Musa Bin Mahidi and Family.
leave comments if you'd love to..x0x0

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