7TH DAY ...

Wednesday February 8th 2012 was the seventh day I’m here at SMK Datuk Patinggi Kedit (SMKDPK), Betong. Over the last few days I was entrusted with I guess quite an important job which to prepare Science Form 1 Progressive Test 1, will be held next two weeks. At first I was in shock and I was a bit lost of myself. I guess maybe because of loads of work came at me at once.

The first seven day was I bet the hardest day in a new teacher’s life. In that duration, I was trying to pull myself together to adapt myself with the surrounding and brand new job. I found out that planning was not my best arsenal. I was lost. A few times actually. Luckily Pn. Stella was eager to answer all my questions patiently. From the hows to whats to whens, this and that. She is nine months pregnant and expected to due next two weeks. A very patient teacher I guess.

The students. Oh my freaking God!~ some teachers had warn me about them and they said, students here are very friendly… “very” friendly! They tend to treat teachers like they treat their friend. Unacceptable jokes are one of other things that they did I cannot stand. They tend to make fun of other students’ name. like, calling names and stuff… It was hard to ensure that they listen at first, but as time flies, I manage to get their attentions. How? Try to blend or be among them but still make sure that they still can see the line… the student-teacher threshold. Firstly, warnings, and then actions. I use “Getah Lastik Cicak” to “teach” them some lesson. It was fun but very effective! Harharhar! And sometimes I hit them with my Daily Lesson Plan book! Those are my ways of connecting with students… Assertive! When to hit is the key. So that they did not questions my act. First week was zero punishment and the second week was the punishment week! Harharhar… Just trying to remember them that I am not to be messing with~

And, the Science Progressive Test’s is done! Ehehe~~


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