What were really happened before SMK Datuk Patinggi Kedit, Betong.

After four long months here at SMK Datuk Patinggi Kedit, Betong, last May 23rd, the one long-awaited news was out, which is regarding the new teachers’ posting. Some of you might don’t know that all of us, I literally mean all of us, the “Graduan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan (2011)”, have waited for almost a year to receive the good news! Whilst waiting, some are working at a grocery store as cashier, some if lucky are a substitute teacher and most of us are unemployed. The worst part is to know that you are a degree graduate and unemployed for almost a year! That was just sad… really sad!

Well, I was one of the lucky guys, I guess. In August, about a month before my convocation’s day, I receive an offer as a substitute teacher near my village’s primary school for two months. After that, back to unemployed and I think I changed my workplace status in Facebook quite a few times and I was tired of doing so. Waiting for a letter from The Ministry of Education (MoE) was tiring. Like all my energy drained tiring. It was just supposed to be a piece of paper and it took like forever! But I don’t want to waste any time waiting, hearing and believing rumors regarding our posting of course. Here I list some of the rumors…

Rumor 1: We will be posted to allocate school in November.

Rumor 2: Occurs when November was at end. We will be posted to allocate school by end of December.

Rumor 3: We might not be posted until the year’s end.

Rumor 4: (My brain was tired to remember all the nonsense created by irresponsible individuals, so… skip it!)

*It was quite a few actually.

So, I decided to run for job hunting near Kuching.

Job 1: A supervisor at nearby grocery stores.

Job 2: A clerk at nearby banks. (Bank Islam & Bank Rakyat)

Job 3: A tutor at tuition centers.

Job 4: A Research Assistant at Biodiversity Centre, Puncak Borneo.

Job 5: A lecturer and a tutor at UiTM Samarahan.

Job 6: A lecturer at Swinburne University.

Job 7: A tutor at Taylor’s University.

Job 8: A Shift Manager at The Starbucks Coffee.

And a few more jobs at Jobstreet.com. (I don’t remember how many resumes I send to them actually…)

*Arranged chronologically.

Who said that we, graduates are picky in choosing job? Well I don’t! You know what; even the grocery store didn’t call me back! Not even for an interview! Who’s picky now?!AHAHAHA! ROFLMFAO!

After a few weeks of waiting, I was very excited to know that I was accepted to work at Swinburne University… An Engineering Mathematics and Physics’ lecturer to be precise. I read the email all the way to the bottom of it with smile and joy… until this one god-damn line informing that I must sign a year contract with them. GOD!!! IF ONLY I am not a MoE’s Scholarship holder, I with no hesitation will accept the offer and sign a year contract with them, GLADLY! But my contract with the MoE is still intact. Who knew if we will be located within my contract with them… Who knew? If so, I am in a really really big trouble. So, I was not coming for the set-up interview with sadden and broken heart. My mantra to calm myself was…

“Mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian”

… and indeed, the next week I got a another job offer, a call from The Starbucks Coffee Co. So, I just follow what God’s plan for me with all trust I have in me and went to the interview the next day at Jalan Song.

The day came for me to report myself to the store manager. But before I was trained for the Shift Manager post, I must attend an “8 hours-paid-in-house-training”. Let’s just skip that part… I started my week as a Junior Barista before I was appointed the Shift Manager post. To tell the truth, I never really became one!!

“Ku sangkakan panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah hari”

I was doing well in my job and suddenly a call collapsing my entire beautifully arranged dream.

A: Sa, Aku dapat sa!~~ (nada ngada-ngada)

Me: Dapat apa?!! (macam terkejut tapi sedikit menjerit)

A: Cekgu Interim!!~~ (nada suara ala-ala gedik sikit)

Me: HUH?? Macam mana ko tau? (sama jugak… tapi mata dah mula membesar dan keluar dari soket sikit)

A: Ko call JPN tanyak ko dapat ke tak. (nada takde perasaan)

Me: Ok. Jap aku call. Nanti aku bagitau ko lagi. (kengelabahan memuncak)

*A summary of one minute or more phone call and a bit exaggerated. EHEHE… Well, it’s my responsibility to make the story interesting. Right? AHAHA

I literally punched my keypad real hard and call JPN (Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri). As expected, no answer. So I re-check the number a few times and press Call again, and again, and again. After a few try, I’m in! It was less than a 20 seconds phone call and I got it too!! Well you know that already. ehehe... After that very short phone call, I jumped to my manager with invisible shaking knees and discussed the matter with her. A frightening 10 minutes of discussion conclude it. She suggested me to resign and accept the offer. It’s OK, she said. Hence, I submitted my resignation letter the very next day and that was my last day there. It was so sad to leave my friends there… (T.T)

It was Wednesday and I went to the JPN to get my official offer letter, black and white they said. Actually, we must report ourselves at the mentioned school last Monday. Since it was the last week before Chinese New Year’s school break, so I decided to call SMK Datuk Patinggi Kedit, Betong to ask a few questions and PK1 told me to report myself tomorrow! It’s frieking Friday tomorrow! My blood rushed to my brain since I haven’t prepared anything yet! We discussed it and he agreed to let me report on the next school opening day. That’s next two weeks. Enough time for me to prepare physically and mentally, and also my luggage… don’t forget that. Ehehehe…

I report myself at SMK Datuk Patinggi Kedit, Betong on a bright and sunny Monday morning. Praised be to God, everything went beautifully. And then the workloads and headaches day starts and continues for four whole months! Could we skip that part too? ehehe… It even tiring me to tell that part of the story…

And then, wait again… wait for the “real” news. After a few meetings of graduates’ bodies and committees with the ministry, it’s out! The interview lists. I thought after the interviews were ended, the rumors might stop or rest awhile but instead the new much worse rumors were out.

Rumor 1: We will be posted to allocate school in April. (The Best News Ever!)

Rumor 2: After April approaching its end, we will be located in May. (The Second Worst News)

Rumor 3: Biology and Chemistry major will be located in Second phase in July. (The Worst News EVER!)

I was just speechless and preparing myself for any good or bad news to come. Luckily, all rumors ended not until the result was out on May 18th and 19th. The list was out and thank God I am amongst the First Phase name list. Yuuhhhoooo!!! \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/ ß Inside, I was jumping crazily happy but I tried to hide it from the world~~ehehe…

BUT… BUT… The story did not end there… I only knew that I am amongst the First Phase and still in blindness! I STILL DON’T KNOW WHERE!! WHERE WILL BE MY NEXT SCHOOL? AM I STAYED OR RELOCATED? UuuuUUU… Only God knows how unsettled my heart waiting and guessing for the news…

Thus, I hereby announced that I am officially a “Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Siswazah DG41” or simply known as a Teacher here at SMK Datuk Patinggi Kedit, Betong.

To all my fellow friends whom receiving the bad news, I pray for you guys and may God ease all your difficulties.

Well, everything big starts at a small beginning, right?

Thank you for reading.


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