New Year = New Game

Last night, I have posted a "Number Game" on my FB page.. The game is like this...

"Select a unique number between 0 and 5000 and send it to my inbox. Then I'll post something about the sender on my wall according to the number I've recieved. The catch is, only the sender and I knows which person I'm talking about since only both of us know the number!"

I got this game from my best friend in Kuching, Mohd IkhwanAFI. Well of course I gave it a try before I posted it on my FB wall. I kinda like what he write bout me and I feel happy for it! Than I decided to play the game. My reason is simply to create happiness among my friends. Hoping that they will be ready for 2011~!

Here are some of the numbers selected and what I've written bout the sender! Hope you guys enjoy reading it.... Firstly, the arrangement is in random, there is no who's the first and the last...ok? I love you guys... Oh! All of these are unedited, it's the same words that I have written last night. Thanks for your participation friends!~

You know your own number, right?


she has a good scene of fashion.i love the white lace blouse you wore to Pdg Bsr..and i dont know y,when i see u i see a big teddy bear~ahahaha..haven't hang around much but still u catch my eyes with that hat on the it!
x0x0 Mushy Mush


she's very kind to since in choir and until now.not a very tall person*hehe* yet hav a soprano voice guys!dun judge a book by it's cover..sweet and pretty though.good thing comes from a small package. and she is kinda small..*joking*hehe...but i only have a memory of her wearing pink..i dont know why..but..yeah..kinda
x0x0 Mushy ...


fuh!~another easy going,happening,n above all sweet person..cehh..iboh suk kedirik r~=P..she's left handed,she's like a sister to my best friend, umar.owez bekepit2 ngn umar~~becoz they shares problem together..she's also a joke cracker and she has a loud voice but it suits her very well..not a flaw at all,but her charm..
x0x0 Mushy Mush


no doubt that she's a humble person.i think no one knew who she really is..hehe~she really love to laugh.."akakaka"..and travel a lot..say hong kong,korea,china,singapore..that's what i bout that i don't know?..haaaa..may b she's been all around the world already..who knows?she's a bit secrecy bout her life..and she even hide his bf!akakaka..
x0x0 Mushy Mush


she's a beautiful, and a graceful person.i know her from my best friend which is her roommate's course mate.although we haven't hang around much but i like the way she smile and laugh..cehhh~no heart feelings r~she's a good friend though.
x0x0 Mushy Mush


back to the 90's.i think we've been a friend since i can remember.pre-school, n primary. hard to recall back but i think we hav a great time together as friend.we played games,cracked jokes and she's a smart person.she's a good competitor in Math..i admit it she was good in math..and i miss my primary's friend..hope to cath with u guys soon..
x0x0 Mushy Mush


another dearest friend of mine. she was my good friend in high school and still is!.we love to crack a joke and laugh like hell.wat the heck~once we get together,the whole place will turn into some kind of teenage gathering place!akaka.miss the moment when we make fun of people..akkaka..btw,she's my best friend too..
x0x0 Mushy Mush


i told him to change the nmbr and he simply just added one!ahaha..i know him from a social page..until now he already gav me a lot of "love"..from 0 love to 70% love..hehe..i know him a while now and i'm ok with him..nothing musch to say because we haven't each other well yet..hope we can know each other better in the future..
x0x0 Mushy Mush


I dont know where to begin with this one..she's kinda hav a strong leadership, easy going and funny person.she has a loud voice and it suits her very well..knows how to play a bunch of music instruments..say accordion..yeah..u know her..hehehe~
x0x0 Mushy Mush


though we've known each other for not too long..bout a month i guess but we share our moment like we've known for a long period of time..she's a funny person,hav a great voice but sometimes a bit pitchy..same goes 2 me..akaka..i enjoy to get to know her..
x0x0 Mushy Mush


he is the dearest friend of mine. he concern about my being since we've known each other. to b exact, he was my classmate since 2001 till 2005..but in 2003 kinda not..hehe..i owez called him "POR" no matter wat he said bout it.hehe..No No Ye Ey is his kinda thing..HE IS MY BEST FRIEND...
x0x0 Mushy Mush


ok..this person was my junior in high school. she was a friend of mine, and also a good junior. i have not much memory of her but as far as i can remember, she was a friend of a friend...a good one...


We know each other through sports, although we went to the same matriculation but we never talk to each other just bumping here and there around the campus.Here I get to know him even more.For me,he is super tall and slim.He always wanted to be a model and he loves Tyra Banks.I guess..Another joke cracker and he likes to "gotcha" people with his serious face...akaka
x0x0 Mushy Mush

Nota Bulu Betis: I clearly write this: "SELECT A NUMBER BETWEEN 0 AND 5000" and yet some "unknown" person simply pick 6558 and 9292!~~Yup! You know it's "you" huh... to not let them down, i write about them either.... to those who wanted to try this game, simply follow the instruction above..wayyyy above...ok?...

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