hmmmm....last thursday was my most memorable incident happened in my school. do you ever heard teacher "mogok" to students? am i going to say this...believe it or not!morning session teachers "mogok" to 4s1 students..!~~the incidents happened early in the morning..just in the first period..i dont quite remember what was the first subject..but, the point is that teacher really really mad to those gilrs~that is because of their bad manners!they talkinh all the time in the class..dont matter in what class..talllkkkiiiiiinnnngg all the time..i think only in principle's class they dont have the brave to talk in her class..she is a really strick principle..

then the next period...right after the second period i think..was PA first, the lesson going well...until.........some group of students do not participate in any games!..they talking at the side of the field....talking again..PA teacher really mad..he scolded them and told them to go back in their group...the teacher said to me.."nasib baik xde pengawas dlm tu..klu ade, sy srh pengetua lucutkn jawatan dia time tu jgk!" you can tell how mad he was?..he is reeeaaaaallllyyy mad...honestly..

next..right after the PA class....hehe~~history lesson...this time..they made the teacher mad again!..why??!!taaaaaalllkiiiiiiiiiiiingg all the time!the teacher said, "klu 2 3 org bsembang x, separuh kls besembang..especially group yg d blakang tu.."..then, she leave the class...she couldn't stand it anymore..she told them she would never teach them again..the students feels bad................

teacher did not enter the class for the whole day..this time, teachers really couldnt stand students ego...teachers said.."diorg rase dh pandai sgt..tu la diorg xmau dgr ap yg di ajar tu..."..hmmm...its true actually..some are really good..really good in chemistry though..she is the most active girl in my class..who she is? dato' siti...biarlah rahsia.....

actually, they are also talking in my class...but, how i make them shut?i smash wooden ruler on a table and shout!..."WOI!.."...then, they will stop talking....this happened last week..just before the teachers mogok to them...they are really noisy..just before i started the lab..i asked them to stop talking...but, negative........then, i shouted!"WOI!..DO U WANTS ME TO TREAT YOU LIKE GUYS??!"...then, they answered..."no sir...".."then, silence...dont make me angry...."....uUuUuU~~me, myself dont even believe what i was saying..akaka!!but, it worked...

this time..they really learned their mistake..they write letters to each teacher who teach them..for all subject teachers......including teacher said to me.."this is the first time students write us an apologies letter..i wants to keep this as a proove..."..haha!!funny....but, yes! its true...

ok la..thats all..actually, a lot more to write over here...but..i have limited time....hehe~~c u next time!

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