RAS: Rakan Alam Sekitar

hmmm....how i'm going to tell you this...today, Kluang YB been here to lead the ceremony of planting trees in my school..waaa!~~there are a lots lots of Meranti to be planted in the whole school in Kluang, but the highlight here is....my school is the selected school to be the program lounching avenue. hehe~~so proud! this is my second involement in school big activities..last time, camping and this time tanam pokok!akaka!~~afterwards, closing ceremony of CO2 climate change here involving form four students and one of the lecturer from USM. my school participate the campaign of climate change..together save our beloved earth..<==buat2 sendri py ayat....ngee~~

the program was started at 815 in the morning. before that, all form fur students did some "gotong-royong"..<==dunno the word in english!akaka!!shame on me.....dush!tumbuk muka sendiri....but the gotong royong started at 730 in the morning...just before the ceremony started. the involvement from other schools give more color to the audience, otherwise, all the audience are GIRLS!!akaka!~~funny thing when one students ask me..."are u a student here?"...akaka!!<==ketawa beguling-guling....do i look like a student?plus..this is a girl school.does he have no idea?..ngee....ala..dia budak skolah agama la...may be its forgivable...then, we talked while he is waiting for their Meranti...ngee~~then, when he went away...one student asked.."sir, is that your brother?"..akaka!!this school is full with "surprises"!~~some simple question makes me wanna lough like hell!~~akaka!!then i replied...NO la...he is a boy from some other school..<==i forgot his school name actually...ngee~~

haa!~~i remember 1 thing...you know what...the principle tegor me about my t-shirt today...she said that my t-shirt is only suitable for going out..you know what!actually, i'm wearing my Koir club t-shirt!...hm...she said again, this t-shirt is suitable for style and not appropriate for school environment....hm....bisa palak ku mikey!~~akaka!~~than, i have a thought...may be because of the colour of the shirt...it's GREEN!..BRIGHT GREEN!~~akaka!!...and with some decoration at the bottom of it and "malam mutiara seni" written at the back of it...hmm....

now, at staff room.....a teacher asked..."muse, bdk yg sembang dgn awak td mcm adik awak la.."..i replied, "ye ke?".."ha ah.."..then, i have no idea to reply her, i said "mgkn sbb kulit sme2 gelap kot..."..then we both laugh!akaka!!..<==mcm2...i sat at my table for a while...so tired you know~~then, i changed my shirt..i walked in the rain....luckily not heavy rain...i changed to sky blue-stripes SEED and SODA pattern jeans...ngee~~and a vase...akaka!melaram giler ari nih!!no la..because the attire is a little off size..then i wear the vase...then, its a rainy day...so a bit cold in the staff room...ngee~~!<==alasan!akaka!~~..

in the staff room, i checked mail..and i was suprise!~~i got emel from vemmabuilder..."Your Succesline Knows No Bounds"..means that i have PE already!!~~yahoo0o0!~~i was very happy to read the emel...today, i've got 6 Pre-Enrolle....hehe~~hopefully, i'll manage to get PM (paid member) by friday..otherwise, no payment for this week...(T.T).....<==sama2 pray k!~~ngee...

i surf the internet most of the time i'm in the staff room, actually...friendster (once in a while)... but, most of the time, i open my mailbox, facebook, and myvemma......just to obtain any new update...


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