good day fella!~~


as all of us know, trainee teacher aka practical teachers will ends their "service" at assigned school. what?u don't know?..ok..lemme tell ya..its four days left y'all!!...yuuhuuuuu!!~~freedom at last.....:-)...just can't wait till the day comes...

it feels like waiting for Beyonce singing on a stage...hahaha!btw, this October 25th, she will be performing in KL..so0o0...jom ramai2 memeriahkan majlis....akaka!!<==mcm la dh beli tiket...i will go actually, but only if the tickets was RM50...hahaha!!...too expensive actually...<==for a trainee teacher with no monthly income..akaka

ok..that's all for now...till next time!

leave comments if you love to..x0x0

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