mushy explodes at last..

good day friends...fuh!~~what a day..

huh?..what's with the title?..hehe..ok..lets get through with it!

SMK Canossian Convent today recorded a history when a trainee teacher yelled to the students..yup!.you read it correctly...btw,it is..this cheerful charming guy finally got mad!..hahaha!!at last....i even couldn't believe it myself..all the patience i keep inside my finally explodes..haha!..lemme tell ya..they were "lucky" to see the devil side of me..i believe none of you guys have ever witness the devil side of me right?..hehe..lemme tell you guys..that would be the scariest thing you ever see about me....that will be the most memorable things about me i guess...and..may be after that you will never see me as the way i am know..a humble kind cheerful kid..hehe^^v

ok..the story..

there is one girl who really really got my nerve..she always talk back to me like i'm her friend!~~like this for example.. i asked..why do you didn't bring along your practical book?..she'll i have this subject..that subject..each subject have to bring three books..all sort of things..then i told her that at your age, i applied 12 subjects..i never complains this and that to my teacher...* answering with patience and a little bit of smile on my face*...then..she reply again..who told you to take 12 subjects?..and why are so busy body about how many subjects do we take and what we bring to school?..<=because i asked them what do they bring to class....omg..she answered my q like that?!!!...then, of course!..i was mad at her la!..i started to yell to the full blast..not yelling actually, more to screaming i guess...haha!..i yelled, when i asks you questions, answer me properly!..i am not your friend!!, in this school..i am your teacher! some respects!bla..bla..bla...i don't remember what else i screamed on her..and them, the students...^^..but, it was all about respect the eldest..teachers..friends..and everybody around...i wasted 15 minutes just for screaming and yelling at them...just about respect...human morality..and the word "don't you ever play around with me just because i'm a trainee teacher!" was clearly written on my mad devil face!...hahaha!now they know who is the boss...

fyi, all these time some of the girl, few groups actually, keep talking and playing around...joking..laughing..all the time!..when i asked answer of course!~what do you aspect?!..a bright girl with good answer?! way!~~then i told them..don't you ever try to climb over my head because i have never mad at you!~~i am your teacher!!..not your friend!!!!~~<==sambil hempas2 buku teks on the desk...and said it word by word out loud..

fuh!~~finally..the tiger is unleashed!~~i told them..after this, no excuses!..whoever didn't complete my homework, and didn't bring along text book/practical book in my class, she will stand outside of the class..berjemur kat luar!!..tak kesah la!semua berjemur pun berjemur la!!..siapa suruh tak buat homework??!!!!...only then, all of them tunduk kepala...because i know only some of you do my homeworks..!and if i check right now!..may be only about 10 of you complete the homework given!~do you want to stand outside?!!<==hempas2 buku teks lagi..hehe~^^..syiok pula marah2 durg..kih kih kih

luckily that was almost at the end of the lesson..otherwise, i have no more interest to teach...because the feeling is not there know..the passion to teach?..its not there anymore..after i got mad, there was nothing left..only the feelings to lecture them..respect..respect..respect..bla bla bla...and i told them this one story, which i creates myself of course!~~haha!~i told them, there was this one person who failed BM in spm because he didn't respect his teacher!..and even now he is still repeating spm..i that what i called "menipu yang diharuskan"..akaka!yes!otherwise they will never learn any lessons..then i you wants me to do the same thing to you?!!~after that..i can see their frightened face looking at me..sambil geleng2 kepala..tau pun!~~then, show some respect to your teacher!!...i yelled again...<==hempas2 buku...^^

a lot more "yells" i wants to share with you guys actually..but..hmmm...may be next time..if we meet..i tell full version la.haha!!but, only if you asks of course!~~ok!~~till next time!~~

leave comments if you love to..x0x0

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