my life is s0o0 out of my mind~~^^

ok..hye guys!..wwe haven't met for a long time now.. update...

saturday morning is supposed to be a "bangun lewat" day to normal teenagers...but, unfortunately this normal teenager have to wake up 6 in the, saturday is supposed to be my sleep day..ahaha!means that i wake up either at 1130 a.m or afternoon..haha!!yeah.that's normal teenagers would do on Saturday or weekends right?!!..

ok..why i wake up so early that day??..omg..i have a ceramah in muar started a 8, right now i am still in kluang..attending my intern there..will be end next week on thursday october, 15..hehe~the ceramah was about "the art of teaching chemistry"...kunun..hehe..

we arrived at muar around 830 am..its was a tired 1 hour and 30 minutes of trip..fuh!~~at the moment we arrived, the others were there already..we were the last group to from kluang...well...we are the farthest group to attend the seminar actually...lolou!..

ok..i thought the lecturer who were strictly wants us to attend the seminar was there....but,wtf!..he was'nt there of course!..wasting time..he is the one who said that whoever did not attend the seminar,his/her gred will be deducted!..if A..then will be changed to A-..let me asks you..who wants that to be happened?!!...of course you don't wants that to be happened to you!..LOL!~~no choice!..i had to attend the seminar...aka paksa rela..!~~that was bullshit!..i dont accept blackmail actually.. chapter of the story..huhu..

during the seminar..hmm...simply i ejoy the content the does really help me to be better in the to be a guru contoh..hehe...

btw, i missed my friends a lot! course mate..huhu..really miss them actually..can't wait to see them again in the next semester..but, unfortunately we did'nt have much time to share stories to each other..experiences..huhu~~may be next time..everybody have plans afterwards btw..

hmm...the seminar was ended sharp at 123o noon...we had meal..its..jamuan raya they called it..haha!!they served us with beef rendang, nasi himpit, sirap..and puding...hehe..such a mouth watering dishes..btw, thx!its a feast!~~akaka

ok..then, we went back to skudai at 4 pm..before that, i took a nap..for refreshing only..i could'nt my sleepy eyes actually.akaka!!i slept for about an hour and a half..omg!..ok..its raining along the way to skudai..heavy rain..i event cannot see about 10 metres before me..such a heavy rain..huhu..we arrived safely in skudai around 545 pm..there, my friend having their practice for Battle of The Band that's evening at scc..two songs..two beautiful religious songs..huhu~~

hmm...not bad la..its was a good attempt..they have tried their best to perform the songs in front of colleagues and members of the house...lucky them..they got rm100 for consolation!~~hehe..juries comment about their performances was quit good..its increase their competitive spirits...hehe..i can tell by the way they perform their second song...but, went wrong...sob sob sob..tempo is the main problem of the further comment on that..hehe..there were five band performing their song that evening..gemuruh,what the fisch,little gift,black pepper, and the yaws..first prise goes to gemuruh, 1st runner up is little gift,2nd runner up is black pepper,3rd runner up is what the fisch,and 4th runner up is the yaws...i really enjoy the evening with them..all of the band was performing their very best to entertain the audiences..

oh..i forgot to mention that there are some friends from melaka came that friends..all of you guys really cheer up the event..although it was just for a few hours..your companion was great..i'm sorry i have'nt introduce myself properly to u guys..hehe...may b next meeting..

ok..after the botb was was really really really loud in there..akaka!!people screaming like hell..huhu~~that is just a figure of speech ea..i didn't mean it like that..hehe..after the event, all people cheering around..talking..laughing..taking pictures..videos..joking..akaka!!all of that was late at ninght when i get home that day..some are sleep at the place..huhu~~i really wants to join them actually..but, of embarrass me actually..

sleep at 1 am..and woke up at 1200 noon on sunday "morning"...hahaha!!'s movie time..preparing myself for the day..hehe..mandi segala macam tu la...then,having lunch at 4 pm at jusco bukit was oyster mee sua..hehe..the very first time i eat that kind of mee was Taiwanese..haha!!actually, there was a story before we decide to eat the mee sua..all 5 of my don't know where to have lunch..then they asked me lo..mush..mau makan d mana ni?..then i came out with sushi hut..burger king..kfc..rejected..then..they asked again..mau makan d mana ni?..then i came out with that mee sua..huhu~~then they agreed..i know actually some may b don't want to eat that mee sua..haha!!siapa suruh tanya aku!~~~hahaha!!..padan muka..

ok..its jusco bukit indah..we asked sheryn to join us..steppe and julee was there too..well..such a crowded table in the shih lin food franchise..akaka!!

shopping hour...i bought juices 1 free 1..only for rm 3.50...oh! i forgot to mention that my kek lapis imported directly from sarawak was delivered already..hehe..i miss my family so much actually..its ok..within a month..i will be home...hehe..miss u mom n dad!!..

hoho..ok thats all la for now..bye!..chow!!

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